Aircraft Manufacturer Announces Expansion Of Product Range, European Presence And Shares Milestones

30th Apr 2022

During the Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 trade show, European Training Aircraft manufacturer Sonaca Aircraft presented the SONACA 200 TRAINER PRO and the SONACA 200 TRAINER NG, the latest addition to Sonaca Aircraft’s range of two-seater training and leisure aircraft, which has gained in product and commercial stature. It also announced it has expanded its sales network.

The Sonaca 200 NG: a blend of analog and digital technologies
The Sonaca 200 New Generation is fully equipped for night VFR flight. Based on the analog version, it features the sleek Garmin Gi 275 flight instrument. Sonaca Aircraft has decided to maintain the classic T-shaped instrument layout for ergonomic reasons and in order to meet flight schools’ demands. The dashboard is also equipped with an electronic engine monitoring system.

Sonaca Aircraft to expand its international sales network
Commercially, Sonaca Aircraft will continue direct sales of its single-engine two-seater in Europe. In order to ensure the growth of Sonaca 200 sales on the international market, Sonaca Aircraft has started to develop a network of distributors. It has signed partnership agreements with;

  • British European Aviation for England, Ireland and Channel Islands
  • GB Aircraft for Poland
  • ATA Aircraft for France
  • Rosique Aircraft for Spain and Portugal
  • Mikko RIEPULA for Scandinavia

Sonaca 200 certified by the Swiss Air Force
Thanks to SPHAIR certification, the Sonaca 200 has joined the fleet of certified aircraft available for assessing the skills of young Swiss talents with a view to a career in the Air Force or general aviation. This is a great recognition, which reinforces the Sonaca 200 in its mission of screening future pilots and ab initio training.

“The Sonaca 200 flies smoothly and precisely. The aircraft is very stable at all flight attitudes and in all speed ranges. It benefits from very good visibility and comfortable seats. The plane also has a significant endurance of nearly seven hours with two people on board.” SPHAIR.

Long-standing customers have placed new orders and give their feedback
At the end of 2021, Sonaca Aircraft received new orders from two long-standing clients: «Air Academy New CAG» (Belgium) and «Blackbushe Aviation» flying school and aeroclub (England).

«Our Sonaca 200 fleet has logged over 4,000 flight hours and we have decided to acquire four new aircraft to expand our fleet of training aircraft. We have chosen to place another order with Sonaca Aircraft because the manufacturer’s reliability is of utmost importance to us. Other factors also convinced us, namely the availability and reliability of our current fleet of Sonaca 200, the reduced maintenance costs and the availability of a professional after-sales service.” Denis Petitfrère, Director of Air Academy New CAG.

Production and delivery update
To date, over 50 units of the Sonaca 200 have been delivered. This training and leisure aircraft has been sold in 9 countries (England, Belgium, Estonia, France, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine) and the fleet has accumulated 25,000 flight hours.

Development of after-sales activities and the MySonaca platform
Aviation schools and flying clubs need to have aircraft fleets that are 100% operational. Therefore, Sonaca Aircraft has developed an after-sales service that ensures the follow-up of the aircraft and facilitates daily interactions between customers and maintenance centers. The MySonaca platform helps the after-sales service activities. It is a digital tool which is accessible to every Sonaca Aircraft customer and authorized maintenance centers.

Available 7 days a week and continuously updated, MySonaca is an online purchasing platform that offers maintenance tools, consumables and parts for standard maintenance and also for AOG. The eDrawings software provides 3D drawings of individual parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies of the Sonaca 200.

Source: Sonaca Aircraft Press Release

About Sonaca Aircraft
Sonaca Aircraft is a subsidiary of the Sonaca Group, a major stakeholder for over 80 years in the development, manufacture and assembly of advanced aeronautical structures for the civil, military and space markets. Sonaca Aircraft is 90% owned by the OEM Sonaca. Sonaca Aircraft’s business covers the development, certification and marketing of the «Sonaca 200» single-engine two-seater aircraft, specially designed and adapted for training and leisure flights. EASA certified, the Sonaca 200 is characterized by its solid all-metal structure, its sound handling, its high payload and its very low operating costs thanks to the expertise of a world-class aeronautical group. 

For more information, kindly contact Sonaca Aircraft.

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