North American Flight School Association Announces Flight School Accreditation 2023 Seminar

30th Oct 2022

The Flight School Association of North America’s (FSANA) Accreditation 2023 Seminar will be held on February 28, 2023.

This 1-day seminar provides an opportunity for participants to gain insight into the key points of the accreditation standards, process and procedures. When FSANA completes the accreditation project, accredited flight schools will be eligible to enroll students who have borrowed money for career flight training under the U.S. Department of Education Title IV program. Flight schools with the intention of becoming accredited are encouraged to attend.


Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) is a dynamic trade association that serves flight training providers and the entire aerospace industry, creates meaningful programs, and works to increase the pilot population. Their members are motivated and successful business operators who provide flight training in the United States and foreign countries. Through FSANA, the flight training industry has a voice which clearly represents the core foundation of the flight training segment within the aviation industry. FSANA identifies and establishes programs that are intended to help both new and existing flight schools as they deal with the multitude of work-scope issues they face on a daily basis.

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