AFM Shares 2022 Year in Review Video

22nd Dec 2022

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team, our partners and all the other stakeholders which have supported AFM in 2022. AFM’s Managing Director Maximilian Buerger shared his thoughts on the year;

I feel exceptionally proud of what we have achieved in just over 1 year with AFM and extremely excited about 2023!

2022 hasn’t been without it challenges, operating two platforms, adapting to poaching of team members by larger organizations, no dedicated sales person within the team, more incoming emails and LinkedIn messages than I can handle (I apologies to everyone who reached out to me this year and received a delayed response or no response at all) and a number of other complexities.

But looking back at some of our teams achievements in 2022 is phenomenal;

– Since our launch we have shared 3,700 pilot training industry relevant updates (averaging around 300 per month)

– Circulated 51 weekly pilot training industry updates (will do so as well next week)

– AFM received over 140,000 visits from 195 countries

– We hosted interviews with 29 pilot training industry leaders

I am also extremely proud of using some of our time and resources to search for and share pilot training industry vacancies – it feels great to know that quite a few individuals are in roles now in the industry due to us sharing these vacancies.

2023 is approaching fast and we are finalizing our plans for the next phase of growth.”

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