Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates AFM has quickly grown to become a leading global knowledge platform for the pilot training industry. Over 100,000 users visit AFM on an annual basis and the platform circulates a Weekly Pilot Training Industry Updates Newsletter to over 12,000 industry stakeholders including hundreds of airline pilot training decision makers, thousands of owners and leaders of flight and simulator training organizations and to the vast majority of industry suppliers amongst other stakeholders. The vision is to digitally connect global pilot training stakeholders similar to how the aviation industry has connected the world!

AFM operates four distinct business activities as briefly introduced below – for a more detailed overview of the platform and activities kindly contact us to receive an AFM Overview Presentation.

Market Intelligence

AFM’s team researches and aggregates hundreds of pilot training industry relevant developments on a monthly basis and distributes these through the platform and via weekly industry newsletter. Since its inception this industry knowledge database has grown to thousands of industry developments and datapoints which can be utilised by industry stakeholders to support them in navigating their business or training activities and enhance their organisational growth. You can click here to navigate to the market intelligence section.

ATO Database

To our knowledge we are the only organisation in the world which has a database of all active flight and simulator training organisations. Put together over years of research the database of flight schools is over 3,000, covers all sections of the globe and provides the industry with an overview of the pilot supply infrastructure. At this stage the database is offline and internal with AFM please contact us if you have a specific request – our aim is to bring this database online in the near future.

Advisory Services

AFM’s leadership team has extensive experience in the pilot training industry and through its network has access to subject matter expert in each activity subsegment of the industry. While we specialise in merger & acquisition and strategic advisory, we can support organisations in a large range of initiatives. To learn more kindly get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements and the experience and reference we have to potentially support you.

Recruitment Services

Acting as headhunters our team specialises in working with training organisations in finding and recruiting the best talent for simulator maintenance roles, pilot training organisation instructor roles and flight school or simulator training center leadership roles (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Business Development / Sales, etc.). With one of the largest industry following and candidate databases we are confident in helping you find the best talent.