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Directory Database

Are you looking for data on all Flight Schools and Simulator Training Centers around the world? The team at has spent the past few years mapping out the entire global pilot training infrastructure and has created the world’s most comprehensive database of over 3,200 Flight Schools and 400 Simulator Training Centers which is updated on a daily basis.

Access this comprehensive data repository to find detailed information on the number of Pilot Training Organizations per Country, Fleet and Simulator Data, Contact Details for each organization and much more. The Team of also operates which works with Flight Schools and Simulator Training Centers.

The Flight School Database will go live in the coming months – if you like to be notified once it goes live, please contact us.


Advisory Services

The Team at specializes in advisory services for the Pilot Training sector – having worked with a wide range of organisations around the globe from publicly listed simulator training organisations to smaller flight schools.

We specialize in the following advisory fields:

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Digital Advisory (Infrastructure, Digital Marketing and Website Development specifically for Flight Schools & Simulator Training Centers)
  • Simulator Services (Appraisals & Brokerage)

For more information, check out our dedicated Pilot Training Advisory Services section or if you would like to discuss a specific area please contact us.


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