European Aircraft Manufacturer Unveils New Training Aircraft Model

Blackshape, the Italian aerospace company, part of the Angel Holding, showcased its new BK160TR aircraft during Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 – The Bk160-TR is the first civil aircraft specifically conceived for pilot training since several decades and the first ever to fully enable a data-driven competence based training.

The Bk160-TR is a key part of Blackshape’s vision to grant access to the third dimension for a larger customer base, including recreational flights for non-pilots, with an inclusive, unique and sustainable experience.

“Aviation often suffers for being excessively conservative. The majority of training aircraft are about 50 years old, and even when there’s access to a newer platform, the training philosophy remains outdated”, says Luciano Belviso, CEO and founder of Blackshape.

“In the past years we have worked hard to define a new path to introduce cadets to their careers with a broader, holistic approach. By focusing on their actual airmanship once they complete the training, rather than the number of hours they’ve flown – similar to military training organizations. After some proven experiences, including the Airline Pilot Program of Transavia Airlines, a subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, we have demonstrated that our vision is possible and by far more attractive for cadets, training organizations and operators. We concentrated all our philosophy into the Bk160-TR to set safer, less expensive and more effective training standards for operators, and give wings to an entire new generation of pilots.”

Source: Blackshape Press Release

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