Flight Simulator Manufacturer Loft Dynamics Announces Latest Appointment for COO

18th May 2023

Loft Dynamics announces that Jens Westh has joined the leadership team as COO to support the company’s rapid growth. Jens will lead after-sales services to further develop the EASA-supervised Flight Simulator Training Device Organization (FSTDO), and to help relieve CEO Fabi Riesen of numerous management tasks. This equates to Loft Dynamics customers benefiting from an even more comprehensive service.

Jens holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and operations management. After starting his career in thermodynamics, he discovered his talent for leading teams and working with customers. Attending various leadership training courses has also strengthened his skills. Before joining Loft Dynamics, he held the position of the CEO at a medium-sized company with 250 employees, which he transformed from a country-specific entity to an international organization.

The Loft Dynamics team has grown to over 40 specialists in the past three years and continues to grow. Jens will support this further expansion. “I believe in working in a transparent and target-oriented atmosphere, giving the team the opportunity to implement their ideas and efficient concepts. This is supported by a culture of trust and appreciation, which leads to innovation with optimal results.I am excited to be part of Loft Dynamics and work with everyone to make the most of the infinite possibilities of our technology and product,” says Jens Westh.

“I live in Winterthur with my wife Daniela and our two daughters, Lina and Fiona. Our Australian Cobberdog, Jimmy, is also part of our family. I enjoy cooking, eating, and wine. I spend a lot of time in the mountains for climbing, hiking, ski tours, and more. We have a small bus for vacations. I have a passion for music, from opera over jazz to modern styles. To relax, I also play piano,” Jens reveals.

Loft Dynamics offers not only a highly realistic professional flight simulator, but also a comprehensive service to customers. Loft supplies various services from planning the installation to qualifying the device under EASA regulations with the own Flight Simulator Training Device Organization (FSTDO), which relives customers from administrative tasks. Overall, the Loft Dynamics products and team reduces training costs and improves flight safety while at the same time scaling down the ecological footprint.

Source: Loft Dynamics Press Release
Photo Credit: Loft Dynamics

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