MINT Software Systems Announces Latest Appointment for Senior Sales Manager

MINT Software Systems, a developer of a cloud-based digital training platform for records, qualification management, resource planning, grading, and data mining, has appointed Frank Vieira Hugger as Senior Sales Manager with a focus on the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. 

Learn more about MINT Software Systems or Mr. Hugger by connecting with him through his LinkedIn profile here.

Source: Frank Vieira Hugger (MINT Software Systems)
Photo Credit: MINT Software Systems (shown as meta image)

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Flight School Management Software, FlightLogger, Welcomes Stallion 51

Of the more than 180 flight training organizations currently using FlightLogger, none of them is anything like the one that FlightLogger has the pleasure of welcoming to its family. Stallion 51 / UAT, located in Kissimmee, Florida, represents a distinctive chapter in aviation history with its passion for vintage aircraft and historical/jet aviation. Their unique fleet, which operates P-51 Mustangs, T-6 Texan, and L-39  TurboJets, reflects their profound love for historical aviation and their commitment to enhancing safety standards in the industry.

Stallion 51 / UAT’s decision to integrate FlightLogger’s digital platform into their daily operations is a testament to the latter’s commitment to excellence in aviation training management. With clients in 46 countries across all continents already benefiting from FlightLogger, Stallion 51 / UAT stands out as a truly special addition to FlightLogger’s family.

About Stallion 51 / UAT

Stallion 51 / UAT is a renowned aviation organisation located in Kissimmee, Florida, USA. They specialise in providing top-notch flight training experiences, particularly in the realm of vintage and high-performance aircraft. With a strong focus on safety and authenticity, Stallion 51 / UAT offers enthusiasts and aspiring pilots the opportunity to step back in time and fly iconic World War II-era aircraft like the P-51 Mustang.

Their dedication to preserving aviation history while delivering exceptional training has made Stallion 51 / UAT a well-known name in the aviation community. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or simply have a passion for aviation, Stallion 51 / UAT’s programs and experiences offer a unique blend of history and hands-on learning that’s truly remarkable.

A seamless transition to digitalisation

Stallion 51 / UAT made a seamless transition to FlightLogger earlier this year, going live with the software before the summer. FlightLogger’s team spent valuable time at their facilities, providing comprehensive training to their instructors, crew, and administrative staff. Since then, FlightLogger has been the backbone of their scheduling and registration processes, setting a shining example of how a fully digitalised solution can be leveraged with utmost efficiency.

“We’re honoured to add Stallion 51 / UAT to our prestigious client list,” says Mads D. Larsen, Head of Sales and Marketing at FlightLogger. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership, further enhancing the exceptional training experiences they provide.”

FlightLogger is delighted to welcome Stallion 51 / UAT with open arms as they anticipate a future filled with shared successes in the world of aviation training.

Source: FlightLogger
Photo Credit: Stallion 51 / UAT (shown as meta image)

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Leading Aviation Publisher and Pilot Training Courseware Creator, Padpilot, Announces New Head of Learning & Development

United Kingdom – Padpilot, a leading aviation publisher and pilot training courseware creator, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathan Gray, former F35 test pilot and one the most decorated pilots in the British armed forces, as its new Head of Learning and Development.

This newly created role comes at a time of significant momentum for the UK-based company. More than 300,000 of its interactive textbooks have been sold and the company continues to grow its global network of training partners including 140 airlines, air forces, universities and training organisations worldwide now use Padpilot resources.

In the past year the company has launched a new ATPL(H) theory course for commercial heli- copter pilots and a new ‘eReader’ content platform allowing its best-selling interactive ebooks to be downloaded to any device: Android, Apple and browsers – a move away from it’s previous Apple-only iBook format. And there are more innovations in pilot training coming in 2024.

Nathan Gray is an experienced high-risk test pilot, fighter pilot and fast jet flight instructor. He flew with the Fleet Air Arm for over two decades and flew multiple aircraft including the Harrier, F-15, F-16, F-18, and F-35. Completing over 140 combat missions, he also qualified as a com- mando green beret, paratrooper and forward air controller.

Gray was recruited to the ground-breaking F-35 stealth jet development program and conducted the first ever F-35 launch and recovery on HMS Queen Elizabeth in front of an audience of VIPs and the world’s media in 2018. He is also a published author and STEM ambassador.

In 2002, as a trainee Harrier pilot, Gray walked away from an ‘unsurvivable’ accident, caused by a tiny piece of FOD (foreign object debris) during which his instructor, Lt Cdr London, was killed. Gray vowed he’d leave the military before reaching the same age that London was at the time of the accident. He retired as a Commander in 2019 and his post military career is defined by a desire to give back to the industry.

Gray said: “I’m excited to join this agile, passionate team developing cutting-edge, next genera- tion learning for the civil aviation industry. As pilots we’re always learning: new types, new roles, new operations. So it’s vital to get the foundational knowledge in place properly at the very be- ginning of pilot training.

“It’s important to build skills and knowledge efficiently with the long term in mind so I’m looking forward to helping to create learning experiences for the next generation of pilots that are efficient, effective, immersive, and enjoyable.”

Graham Cownie, Padpilot CEO said: “I’m delighted to welcome Nathan to Padpilot. His unique blend of skills, ranging from basic flight instructor, through captaincy on a civil airliner and then to F35 test pilot, brings perspectives on aviation that were previously beyond our grasp.

As a STEM ambassador, Nathan’s young, fresh and dynamic perspective on learning is already reaping huge dividends as we plot our new approach to educating the next generation of pilots. Nathan is ideally equipped to take Padpilot to the next level. We look forward to amazing our clients in the near future with new and exciting developments.”

About Padpilot

Padpilot creates innovative resources for the theoretical knowledge phase of pilot training. 

In 2011 Padpilot published the first ever ATPL theory books for iPad, the first books for the new EASA 2020 ATPL(A) syllabus in 2020 and the first EASA 2020 ATPL(H) books written solely for helicopter pilots in July 2022. 

In March 2023 they launched their multi-device eReader content platform, making their best-selling theo- ry ebooks available on all devices and bringing interactive theoretical knowledge resources to a wider audience.

Padpilot materials are used by 140+ airlines, air forces, universities and training organisations all over the world. They’re proud to provide teaching and learning resources to some of the largest pilot training organisations globally.

Padpilot’s ebooks have been downloaded more than 300,000 times. Advanced e-learning technology brings aviation theory to life: students can highlight, search and make note cards within the books to aid study, and embedded 3D models and animations transform reading into an immersive experience which promotes understanding and memory retention.

Padpilot’s team of subject matter expert authors follow the syllabi Learning Objectives but add opera- tional information and case studies to put theory content into context, giving student pilots a more round- ed theoretical knowledge education. In-depth analysis and consultation with airlines is undertaken regu- larly to identify and update core knowledge and skills requirements.

Discover the leading theoretical knowledge solutions for pilot training at

Source: Padpilot
Photo Credit: Padpilot

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CEO of Flight Simulator Manufacturer Visits Canada’s Select Aviation College

Well known Canadian flight training organiastion Select Aviation College, which recently announced its investment into a new $13 million world-class pilot training center, has welcomed Jean- Paul Monnin, Chief Executive Officer and Jason Da Costa, North America Sales Manager of flight simulator manufacturer ALSIM.

Back in October 2022 Select Aviation College announced it will install three brand new state-of-the-art flight simulators in its new facility currently under construction.

“We are so fortunate to be able to provide our students with the best resources so that they can become industry ready pilots. Our ALSIM simulators are designed to put dedicated focus on the human factors in flight safety. In combination with our ground school training, our flight simulators improve pilot performance and prepare our students to confidently handle multiple flight conditions.” shared Select Aviation College.

Source: Select Aviation College

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Global Pilot Training Group Skyborne Welcomes Charter Airline to UK Campus as Cadets Are Selected For Intake with Operator

Global pilot training group Skyborne, which operates flight training academies in both the United Kingdom and the United States, has welcomed UK based charter airline Titan Airways to its Gloucestershire Airport as Titan Airways aims to select Skyborne graduates to be part of their 2024 cadet pilot intake. The successful candidates will join Titan in January & February as cadet First Officers on their Airbus A320 fleet.

Captain Matthew Wilson, Head of Flight Crew, Titan Airways, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Skyborne to select high quality cadet pilots for our 2024 intake and beyond. We believe that the standards on display at Skyborne mirror our own high standards at Titan. We very much look forward to welcoming our new colleagues into their exciting new careers in early 2024”.

Titan Airways currently operates;

  • 11 Airbus A320 (mix of A320/A321)
  • 1 Airbus A330

Source: Skyborne

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