Flight Simulation Software ProSim Training Solutions Showcases Virtual Instructor Extended Reality (ViXR) Solution in China in May 2024

Netherlands headquartered ProSim Training Solutions, which recently showcased its Virtual Instructor Extended Reality (ViXR), attended another CATES 2024 – China’s leading pilot training industry event.

ViXR is a tool that customises and conducts aircraft procedural training with or without the physical presence of a flight instructor. It is a new interactive tool for and together with the professional aviation training market using augmented reality technology combined with ProSim FSTDs.

International Flight Training Center (IFTC) in Istanbul, Turkey is ProSim’s launch customer for the ViXR.

ViXR is based on ProSim system simulation and Pacelab WEAVR Platform

  • Procedures are displayed on Hololens 2 device by using WEAVR Player.
  • Pilot is guided step-by-step by highlights, hints and voice messages.
  • Pilot activities are tracked by WEAVR Manager cloud.
  • Tracking data can be exported to customers LMS.
  • Simple plug&play AR solution.

ViXR Features

  • Responsive to aircraft systems in real time.
  • Normal and Non-Normal procedures.
  • Highlight and track procedural compliance.
  • Provide visual hints, flow indications and voice instructions. Data recording for debriefing/analysis.
  • Customer tailored procedures.
  • Platform for data gathering for future applications (AI/ML). The perfect tool for enhanced (and real) EBT/CBTA.

ViXR Goal

  • Reduced instructor requirements
  • Training quality improvement
  • Overall training time and cost reduction
  • Training consistency
  • Excellent tool for pilot selection/assessment

ViXR Scaling Opportunities

  • Multiple units active simultaneously with one instructor
  • Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Pilot tailored predictive training
  • VR solutions & MR solutions HUD alternative solution
  • To support further deployment of real EBT/CBTA

Source: ProSim Training Solutions B.V.
Photo Credit: ProSim Training Solutions B.V.

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World’s Largest ACMI Provider and Aviation Conglomerate Avia Solutions Group Records 2023 EBITDA of EUR 392 Million

Avia Solutions Group, the world’s largest ACMI provider (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) services and owner of global pilot training group BAA Training, announced its audited financial results for 2023, reporting a net profit increase of 5.5 times to EUR 68.2 million, adjusted EBITDA up by 36% to EUR 392 million, and revenues rising by 22% to EUR 2.3 billion. The company generated the most revenue in Europe (67%), Asia (20%), and North and South America (6%).

Last year, the Group continued to invest in its fleet, expanding it by 27 aircraft to a total of 200, including 159 passenger and 41 cargo aircraft by the end of the year.

In 2023, the Group’s revenues from passenger aircraft ACMI services increased by 53%, reaching EUR 950 million. According to Jonas Janukenas, CEO of Avia Solutions Group, the significant increase in volumes indicates that many of the world’s leading airlines view ACMI services as an integral part of their operations, helping to manage their fleets more efficiently. The situation in the passenger aircraft market ensures that the Group will maintain high growth rates in the future.

Last year, Avia Solutions Group continued its expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, starting operations with BBN Airlines Indonesia and acquiring the Australian airline Skytrans at the beginning of 2024. By the end of 2024, the company plans to establish four more ACMI airlines in Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The company is preparing to further expand its aircraft fleet and maintain leading positions in the ACMI segment, where it sees a significant market need. The company’s infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific region, as well as in the Americas, will allow it to effectively manage the challenges of seasonality in aviation by shifting aircraft from one region to another.

The Group will utilise aircraft in Europe during the summer peak season, and during the winter, the planes will be relocated to regions with opposite seasonality. This will allow us to maximise the capabilities of our aircraft fleet, and our clients, the world’s leading airlines, will receive aircraft during the peak seasonal periods,” states J. Janukenas.

The American market is also a priority for the company. Recently, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Impact Investments LLC, whose executive chairman is the former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The company will provide strategic development consulting to the Group.

Avia Solutions Group, based in Ireland, has offices in Ireland, the USA, the UAE, Lithuania, Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and South Africa. The Group owns globally operating airline companies such as SmartLynx Airlines, Avion Express, AirExplore, KlasJet, and Magma Aviation. It also manages the aircraft maintenance and repair services (MRO) company FL Technics, which has aircraft technical maintenance and repair hangars in Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania, along with 100 operational maintenance stations in various countries. Among the Group’s companies is the largest independent pilot training center, BAA Training, with pilot schools in Spain, France, Lithuania, and Vietnam.

The Avia Solutions Group team comprises over 11,700 highly qualified aviation professionals worldwide.

Source: Avia Solutions Group
Photo Credit: Avia Solutions Group

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Airbus Announces Commercial Aircraft Orders and Deliveries for the Month of April 2024

In April 2024, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus:

  • Delivered 61 aircraft to 33 customers
    • 3 A220-300
    • 22 A320neo
    • 29 A321neo
    • 1 A330-900
    • 6 A350-900
  • Secured 57 orders
    • 3 A320neo
    • 53 A321neo
    • 1 A350-900
  • Year to date Airbus has delivered 203 aircraft to 52 customers.

AFM Team Note – kindly contact us for a detailed excel breakdown of orders and deliveries by airline.

See last month’s order here.

Source: Airbus
Photo Credit: Airbus

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