Polish Flight School, UnitedSky Aviation, Joins Flight School Management Platform FlightLogger

15th May 2023

Back in 2020, during the Pilot Expo, Polish Flight School UnitedSky Aviation Training connected with FlightLogger. As the company grew and expanded its operations, it became clear that going digital was a necessary step. FlightLogger, with its constantly evolving software, provided the perfect solution to manage their operations.

After conducting extensive research, UnitedSky’s board of directors concluded that FlightLogger was one of the best options available.

UnitedSky is a certified pilot training academy located in Poland, established in 2008. The academy offers high-quality theoretical and practical training for private and commercial pilots in accordance with EASA standards and recommendations.

The company’s fleet of aircraft, including Cessna 172 and 182, Koliber 150 and 160, Beechcraft Baron, Tecnam 2006 and P-Mentor, are well-maintained. Practical training is conducted using a flight simulator at the airport in Babice and Alsim ALX in Ogonki, Masuria.

The academy’s friendly team of instructors are experienced and professionally active, making the learning experience enjoyable. The training programs are at the same level or even higher than those in Western countries. Over 2,000 graduates have completed their training programs, and the high pass rate of exams proves the effectiveness of their programs.

The theoretical part of the training takes place in the heart of Warsaw, on the 11th floor of the neo-modernist skyscraper Widok Towers, and individual trainings are available. Practical training is currently conducted at the Babice EPBC Airport, while intensive pilot training is offered in Masuria, one of Poland’s most attractive regions.

The academy has a four-star boutique hotel in Ogonki village that offers students a “Rest and Learn” experience, with activities ranging from foreign language and Italian cooking classes to spa, wellness, health, and biological regeneration services.

UnitedSky’s training programs prioritize safety and maintain the highest standards, meeting the requirements of aviation supervision. The cost of training and maintenance in Poland is much lower than in Western countries, with UnitedSky’s prices being lower even by half. The academy is open to both Polish and foreign clients, and classes are conducted in English as well as Polish.

In addition to the standard “FlightLogger Essentials” package, the flight school opted for 2 additional modules, the Safety Management System and the Student & Renter Account Module.

“At UnitedSky Aviation, we can confidently say that FlightLogger’s Student & Renter Account Module and Safety Management System add-ons have been incredibly helpful for our daily operations. The account module provides us with a better overview and more control of our financial situation as a school, while also giving us the ability to closely monitor the individual financial status of our students. With automatic transaction lines and warnings for low account balances, we can avoid uncertain and unpleasant situations.

FlightLogger’s Safety Management System add-on has also been essential for us. It enables all of our users to easily register safety issues and allows our safety manager to react accordingly. The system is incredibly easy to use, with the ability to file a report in just three clicks. Once a report is filed, the safety manager is notified and can categorize it into one or multiple headlines for an updated hazard log. The safety manager can then perform a risk assessment and root cause analysis, which will be used later in the hazard log. The system also allows for easy printing and sending of reports to designated receivers.

Overall, we are very satisfied with FlightLogger and highly recommend it to any flight school in need of a user-friendly and efficient system,” said UnitedSky Aviation.

Source: FlightLogger Press Release
Photo Credit: FlightLogger (shown as meta image)

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