UK Pilot Training Organisation Announces Partnership To Encourage Diversity In Aviation

13th Apr 2022

FTA Global, the school that delivers elite flight training for professional pilots, today announces a new partnership with Fantasy Wings, the programme that gives Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and Women a platform to enter and excel in the Aviation industry or become commercial airline pilots.

Aimed to make pilot training more accessible to those who are underrepresented in the aviation community, FTA Flight school has taken proactive steps to address career development and financial barriers to study by committing to the following benefits offered through their Pilot training and Flight Instructor Ratings.

Key measures include publicising relevant FTA global positions to all existing and Alumni Fantasy Wings participants; developing access to employment opportunities and job interviews and offering of one bursary per year to one Fantasy Wings participant for £10,000 off a Dual Licence integrated ATPL Course at FTA. This will be known as the ‘FTA Fantasy Wings Bursary’

Financial benefits to address barriers to cost further include:

  • Reduction to all Fantasy Wings participants past, present and future from the list price of any course or package at FTA
  • FTA Discounts off the Flight Instructor Course to develop employment opportunities not only at FTA but with other training facilities. It’s not just a case of having more underrepresented pilots, it is also about having more underrepresented instructors, instructing underrepresented pilots.


Sean Jacob, Managing Director, FTA says “We are a flight school open to all, providing opportunities to students of all nationalities, from a variety of backgrounds. We’re delighted to announce this exciting partnership with Fantasy Wings, which opens up even more opportunities for women and those in underrepresented communities to access more training and jobs in the commercial airline industry.”

Jackson Smith, Founder and Managing Director, Fantasy Wings, says “Our partnership with FTA is a key step in the right direction when it comes to addressing a number of important barriers to diversity within the Pilot / Aviation industry. Fantasy Wings was created to address the lack of diversity and inclusivity within the Airline Pilot / Aviation sector. We provide young people with crucial insight and knowledge development that allows them to go off and have successful and satisfying careers within the industry. It is great that through our partnership with FTA, our young people will have some of the financial restraints of training eased which is a key step forward in making the industry more diverse and representative. We look forward to this being a long and successful partnership between FTA and Fantasy Wings’


FTA will also announce a new product called ‘Integrated Lite’ at PCL, which will offer integrated students an option to refine their integrated training and the associated costs.

 Sean Jacob says: “Whilst we truly believe that the products offered in the Flight Deck Programme are of paramount importance for students wanting a career in airlines, there are a great many other pilot opportunities out there. This new product gives students the ability to design their course around their needs. Whilst our Flight Deck Programme includes every element of Commercial Pilot Training and is the jewel in the FTA crown, our Integrated Lite Programme offers a basic package of the same exceptional standard which will deliver MEP, MECPL, MEIR training, without modules that are more tailored to the Commercial Airline Pilot candidate.  At the end of their programme, our Integrated Lite students will have the option to specialise in different pathways including the Airline specific modules or Flight Instruction (both commercial and private) as well as using their Commercial licence as a pilot in other parts of the aviation industry.

About FTA Global

FTA Global is a welcoming, friendly and supportive training environment, with carefully designed courses that put the student at the heart of the training process. Courses are designed to minimise over runs, maximise student potential and employability and are continuously refined based on feedback. We offer more hours in the aeroplane and simulator than the regulated minimum, Dual Licencing is included in the course price for our Integrated and Multi Module students, giving graduates the best employment opportunities. Uniquely positioned on the south coast of the UK with easy access to busy, complex and European controlled airspace, the entirety of our flight and ground school instruction is delivered from our single site. Students are exposed to challenging conditions from the outset, making for better, more experienced pilots. We continually invest in our staff, facilities and fleet to ensure our students have an exceptional flight training experience and only partner with a few select and specialist aviation companies who understand and champion the highest airline pilot standards.

Source: FTA Global Press Release

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