43 Air School announces launch of ‘Flight Crew Techniques Manual (FCTM)’ for ab-initio Aviation Training

14th Oct 2021

Alongside OEM operating manuals, the Normal Procedures Training Manual, normal checklists, QRH and MEL – the FCTM takes its place as the final element in their suite of technical documents. These have been developed to reflect the references that 43’s students will use in advanced training and for the rest of their careers, anywhere in the world.

The manual was developed by our team of senior training experts from 43 Air School and operational training experts from the airline industry, engaged in both short- and long-haul airline operations around the world.

“I have no doubt this ground-breaking development in flight training from ab-initio to airline for industry best practise is a footprint others will follow. We share the vision that one day all training will be conducted this way” – says 43 Executive Chairman, Attie Niemann.

Source: Texts are excerpted from 43 Air School Press Release.

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