Aero Locarno homogenized its fleet, switches to Sonaca 200s

In an interview by Sonaca Aircraft with Aero Locarno CEO, the latter provided the following testimony with regard to the school’s fleet switching to Sonaca 200s.

“In July 2020, we had 3 Piper and 3 Cessnas. I have now homogenized my fleet, which allows me to alternate the use of aircraft. This has made fleet management much easier and more efficient.

We use our sonaca 200 aircraft for more than 60 hours/month. From an operational point of view, it’s like night and day compared to our old fleet of aircraft! Switching to sonaca 200s has allowed us to lower our operating costs and increase the availability of our aircraft.

For basic training, our 4-seater aircraft were used by only two people, 80 to 90% of the time. I am glad I sold my four-seaters and replaced them with two-seaters. This allows me to make significant savings in both operating costs and fuel consumption.

Even though the sonaca 200 is a «new aircraft», I am surprised by its reliability: the fleet is 100% operational, I have no planes on the ground. I also save on spare parts and on maintenance costs which are now spaced out between 50 and 100 hours.

Last but not least, the relationship with the Sonaca Aircraft after-sales department is fantastic. We particularly appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism.”

Source: See Aero Locarno CEO’s Testimonial here.

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