Aerostar Aviation switched to FlightLogger’s digital platform for managing flight training operations

FlightLogger, in its press release on August 27, announced that Aerostar Aviation, a flight training school and air charter company located in Adelaide, became the 8th Australian pilot training organisation to switch to FlightLogger’s digital platform for managing flight training operations.

Aerostar Aviation first got in touch with FlightLogger this spring looking for a system to efficiently manage their daily operations. Running both a traditional flight school and a rental and charter operation with a fleet of both fixed wing and helicopters, not many systems were fit to meet the requirements of CFI Derek Pratt and his colleagues at Aerostar Aviation, but FlightLogger turned out to be that solution to fit their needs.

Using FlightLogger, both operational flights and rentals can be handled inside the same digital platform that is used for managing pilot training and grading, which was just what Aerostar Aviation needed.

Source: See FlightLogger Press Release here.

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