Airways Aviation welcomes CAE to its base in France

“The Airways Aviation and CAE Civil and CAE Defence & Security industry partnership is a fine example of how professional cooperation at a resource, expertise, knowhow and geographic level can all come together to deliver only the best training and career outcomes for students, cadets and the industry at large.

The demand for highly skilled commercial and military pilots and other aviation professionals is once again on the rise and it is now time for Governments and Aviation decision makers everywhere to shake off the shackles of the whole COVID-19 story and take assertive steps to help our industry quickly return to pre-pandemic levels of activity.

The aviation and aerospace industry play a crucial role in the development, function and security of modern society and CAE Civil and CAE Defence & Security are undoubtedly the world leaders in the pilot education & training space.

Airways Aviation is proud to welcome CAE to our 1st class Montpellier, France facilities.” said Romy Hawatt, Founder & Chairman of Airways Aviation.

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