Ameri commences importation of Blackshape’s new Gabriél training aircraft

26th Jul 2021

Blackshape’s new Gabriél is now being imported by Ameri, the Official and Exclusive Dealer for Blackshape Aircraft in the United States of America. 

In a published article by AOPA on the 26th of July quoted as follows “Blackshape and Ameri Aircraft worked together to import the airplane and begin FAA approval. Belviso said all the FAA flight tests are complete and the documents are with the agency for review. Meanwhile, the company has also applied for IFR certification and approval for use in the aerobatic category.”

Further, quoting from the same source, “Luciano Belviso, CEO of Blackshape Aircraft, said the Gabriél was designed following the success of the Prime model, which debuted a decade ago in Italy as a light sport aircraft. From that experience, the company decided to begin work on a larger, certified airplane. The Gabriél was approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. Three of them have been in use as trainers in the Air France and KLM ab initio pilot training programs. There are about a dozen flying worldwide.”

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