Assessment Provider Symbiotics Announces Partnership with Digital Platform APC

27th Jun 2022

Airline Pilot Club (APC), an online pilot preparation platform, and Symbiotics, the provider of ADAPT Pilot Psychological Assessments, have partnered to provide a range of pilot aptitude assessments to support future pilots at the start of their career.

The partnership will mean that Symbiotics will be featured within the APC Preparation Zone enabling APC members to take the ADAPT pilot readiness indicator test free of charge. In addition, they will also be able to benefit from advice and guidance material on how to best prepare for pilot aptitude tests and interviews ahead of applying to a flight school for pilot training.

Andy O’Shea comments: APC encourages appropriate preparation for crucial assessments, interviews and, of course, your career. In a new benefit to members who register free with APC, our APC Preparation Zone will provide great preparatory material for you. APC, Symbiotics and other service providers have combined to provide you with a Preparation one-stop-shop. Here you will be to able access, free of charge, the Symbiotics’ “Pilot Readiness Indicator Test and other career-indicative assessments. This is an amazing facility, only available to APC registered members who have completed their profile. Thanks to Symbiotics, you will also find great guidance as to how to prepare for, and conduct, the full suite of online assessments that you will need to succeed in before starting your career.”

Symbiotics’ Managing Director, Hannah Davies added “We continue to expect a pilot shortage in the years to come and it is therefore increasingly important to ensure we have the next generation of pilots in training to support the expected growth in aviation over the next 20 years. Symbiotics work with airlines and flight schools to help assess suitable candidates to commence flight training, with reports aligned specifically to the 9 ICAOpilot competencies, which allows us to directly support prospective students to help in their assessment preparations. This partnership is important to ensure we have the right candidates fully prepared to enter their flight training. We look forward to working together to help support the next generation of pilots commence their flight training journeys.”

About Symbiotics Ltd
Symbiotics are expert providers of pre-screening and assessment for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Maintenance Engineer, Dispatchers and Airline Management. Symbiotics provide assessment & selection, training and consultancy services in over 130 locations spread through 80 countries across five continents. Symbiotics support the aviation industry including airlines, Flight Schools, OEMs, Business Jet operators and other aviation businesses. Symbiotics fully believe that accurate assessment is the cornerstone of people success. We look to form long lasting relationship with our clients and other industry stakeholders for the benefit of the sector. We use our skills and experience as a specialist aviation assessment provider to work continuously to improve assessments to ensure fair, relevant and quality testing of candidates.

About Airline Pilot Club
The Airline Pilot Club (APC) is a community of aspiring pilots, newly qualified pilots, flying schools and airlines. APC will break down barriers to make the world’s most exciting career accessible to a global and diverse aviation community.

Source: Symbiotics Press Release

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