Australian Flight Schools announces the acquisition of a Flight Simulator

08th Feb 2022

In the wake of the announcement of its alliance with CIRRUS Aircraft, ALSIM Simulators is pleased to announce that TEAM Aviation, an innovative and thought leader in Cirrus Aircraft flight training in Australia has purchased the ALSIM ALSR20. This ALSR20, which will be the first of its kind to be installed in the Asia Pacific region, will be a key element of TEAM Aviation’s flight training solution for Cirrus pilots across Australia.

The ALSR20 is the brand-new simulator manufactured by ALSIM and is the exact replica of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft. This Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 5 is specifically designed for PPL and IR training needs. The device reproduces the Cirrus SR20 specific interior cockpit and flight deck and comes along with a Garmin GDU 1050A and GFC 700 Autopilot. The ALSR20 is equipped with a Garmin® GMA 350C® – All digital Audio Panel and a Garmin® GCU 479®. The device can also simulate the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®).

Alyce Johnson, Founder and Chief Pilot at TEAM Aviation said: “We founded TEAM Aviation with one clear vision.  We wanted to provide people with access to private aviation in a safe and secure way. We wanted to give people (who we call our TEAM Members) the ability to access the latest Cirrus SR series aircraft and enjoy the life that comes with private air travel.  After a thorough market research, it became clear that the ALSIM ALSR20 was the only solution to allow us to provide flight training as part of an integrated flight training solution for TEAM members.  We demand quality and safety in everything that we do, and it is embedded in our values and brand. Our ALSIM ALSR20 isn’t just a piece of kit that is for instrument rated senior pilots, it is for every single TEAM Member from Day 1 through to their retirement. It is integrated into every single flight and will form an essential piece of our training solution”.

Nicolas Fabriès, Sales Account Manager at ALSIM declared: “We are very pleased to work with TEAM Aviation and to launch the first ALSR20 into the Australasian market.  Both companies have a very strong belief regarding the necessity of high-quality equipment that utilizes the latest technology to train professional pilots and we couldn’t be happier to work with a partner that is building innovative solutions in pilot training”.

About TEAM Aviation

Led by its Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot, Alyce Johnson, TEAM Aviation’s vision is to open up private aviation across Australia and Asia Pacific.  Not quite your normal flying school, TEAM Aviation is your entry to a lifestyle. TEAM Aviation’s vision to provide clear pathways to help people achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot. The concept at TEAM is simple: We are the TEAM that provides a solution for people to live an extraordinary life with aviation at its core. We call these people our TEAM Members. To us, they are not customers or clients, they are part of our TEAM. We coach, guide, train, support and teach how to fly modern aircraft across Australia.  With our focus on the highly advanced SR series aircraft from Cirrus Aircraft and our dedication to being committed to safety, quality and customer service, above all else, TEAM Aviation has distinguished itself as an innovative leader in Aviation in Australia.  From its bases in Brisbane and South East Queensland Australia, TEAM Aviation provides flight ground school, air training and private hire subscriptions for people wanting to enter a new lifestyle of private aviation.


ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified flight simulators since 1994. Today the company has more than 400 certified flight devices installed with 350 clients worldwide in over 60 countries.

We provide a wide range of solutions covering PPL, CPL & IR/ME training needs up to MCC-JOC, APS MCC and part of MPL phase 1 & 2. Offering comprehensive local services to support ATOs or operate simulators complete the portfolio of ALSIMs solutions.

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