Austrian Helicopter Flight School Adds Flight Simulator

25th Jun 2022

Austrian based RotorSky has announced a new addition to its fleet of helicopters – an EASA-qualified FTD 3/FNPT III MCC for the H135 (EC135 T3H) to be operated at their headquarter at Linz International Airport (LOWL).

The simulator is a new development based on the well-established and proven FFS D software developed by Reiser Simulation and Training. It was designed and manufactured by RS Flight Systems, a company located in the southern part of Germany.

This simulator features unique capabilities in terms of cost-efficiency.

RotorSky will use this device mainly for:

  • Instrument-ratings
  • Technical crew member training (HEMS operation)
  • Multi-crew coordination training
  • Refresher courses

An additional advantage is the communality to the full-flight simulators built by Reiser Simulation and Training – all FSTDs used by RotorSky, from FFS D to FTD 3 and also the Avionics Desktop Trainer, run on the same software with the same IOS. This makes instructor standardization easy and reduces costs.

Maximilian Rommel, CEO of RS Flight Systems, said: “Our F-light line family concept is designed for our ATO customers and due to the modularity of its design it can be tailored to the specific needs of any organization. Thanks to our cooperation with Reiser Simulation and Training we can guarantee highest standards for each level combined with the unique communality among ours and Reiser’s products.”

In addition to the classic analogue instrumentation, known as the “basic T”, the complex avionics of the original Helicopter, namely Helionix, are available with full functionality. Students are able to build up experience on both systems during their initial training.

Dr. Michael Mayrhofer, CEO of RotorSky said: “The simulator marks another milestone in our consequent journey to bring highest training quality on a reasonable economical basis. Many training experts already realized that the FFS is not the proper tool for every training objective – moreover every training objective requires an ideal training tool in term of fidelity, efficiency and economy. The challenges of the future will be to identify the ideal FSTD composition for everybody’s operation.”

RotorSky and RS Flight Systems believe in contributing to the helicopter training industry with an offering that significantly improves aviation safety, as it will boost pilot’s learning curve while being most competitive on the market.

Source: RotorSky and RS Flight Systems Press Release

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