Bartolini Air received the legendary CAP 10C NG aerobatic airplane for its Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Bartolini Air, announced on LinkedIn, that it has successfully received the legendary CAP 10C NG aerobatic airplane from Robin Aircraft for its Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Bartolini is the first operator CAP 10C NG.

In the CAP, Bartolini Air said, students will be able to safely practice recovery from stalls and unusual attitudes as well as experience inverted flight, high g-loads and spins. The CAP 10C NG is unusual because unlike most aerobatic aircraft (where the instructor sits behind the student pilot) it has two pilot seats positioned side-by-side. Not only does it massively improve communication between the instructor and the pilot, but it also helps create a cockpit configuration similar to the one found in an airliner, where two pilots work together as a crew and closely monitor each other’s actions.

Moreover, the flight school shared that the French Navy has followed its footsteps by ordering the same aircraft to train its Marine Nationale pilots.

Bartolini’s integrated ab-initio courses (also the Ryanair Mentored Programme) already include advanced UPRT which is done with the CAP 10. A stand-alone advanced UPRT costs 2200 EUR.

For more information, kindly contact Bartolini Air.

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