Brand-New B737 MAX Full Flight Simulator Is Ready for Training at BAA Training Spain

24th Nov 2021

The brand-new Boeing 737 MAX full flight simulator (FFS) is now ready for training at BAA Training Spain, near Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The simulator manufactured by L3Harris Technologies guarantees high fidelity pilot training experience while maintaining high degrees of reliability and maintainability.

“At BAA Training Spain, we continue delivering quality and accommodating the demand of commercial airlines and aviation professionals. Incorporating the B737 MAX full flight simulator is yet another step to offer better variety and convenience to our customers. Compared to more than 200 B737NG simulators globally, approximately three dozen B737 MAX FFSs are a limited number, so we are pleased to be one of a few pilot training providers able to offer this kind of simulator training,“ said Aurimas Urbonas, Managing Director at BAA Training Spain.

B737 MAX Type Rating and B737NG to MAX Differences

To cater to the growing interest in B737 MAX, BAA Training Spain is starting with respective training programs and adding other B737 MAX equipment complementary to the FFS.

Customers can choose between the already available EASA standard B737 MAX Type Rating program and the soon-to-be-launched B737 MAX from B737NG Difference Training. Those getting ready to fly the type will cover B737 MAX FCC and MCAS, multiple flight deck alerts during non-normal conditions, stabilizer trim, and more crucial elements.

In addition, early in 2022, a B737 MAX FTD will be added to be used in combination with the corresponding FFS. Clients choosing to employ the equipment mix will reduce their training expenditures without compromising the training quality.

Source: BAA Training Press Release

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