Canadian Pilot Training Organisation, International Pilot Academy, announced a partnership with Air Djibouti to launch a new Pilot Training Center in Djibouti, starting in January 2022!

27th Jul 2021

The training center will allow students from all over the world to register in the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License offered by International Pilot Academy and obtain the corresponding certification from Transport Canada.

Abdourahman Ali Abdillahi, CEO of Air Djibouti stated that “The project will be novel of its kind in Horn of Africa. We are glad to welcome students from around the globe to Djibouti, which is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.” He further said that “the suitable economic standards for students and favourable climate with little seasonal variation translates to good flying weather all year round thus saving cost and money on training.” Mr. Abdillahi added that “the project will help increase the level of activity in Djibouti and demonstrate that our investment has a positive economic impact for the region.”

Jules Selwan, President and CEO of International Pilot Academy confirmed that “International Pilot Academy already has more than a decade of experience in professional pilot training. This training hub in Djibouti gives students the opportunity for higher training standards within a Canadian Flight Training Organization.”

Source: See International Pilot Academy Press Release here.

For more information, kindly contact International Pilot Academy.

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