Cebu Pacific becomes new operator of CAE Rise Training System

17th Feb 2022

CAE announced today at the 2022 Singapore Airshow that Cebu Pacific Air (CEBU) is the first airline customer to sign up for its new integrated data service offering which for the first time, includes data from a Line Operation Safety Audit (LOSA). Through its exclusive service agreement with The LOSA Collaborative, CAE will assist with the implementation of CEBU’s LOSA program, including planning, data collection, and debriefing. For pilot training data, CEBU will leverage CAE Rise™, a data-driven and AI-powered training system to gather insights from pilot training sessions.

As part of this agreement, CAE will provide recommendations on the design of pilot training programs based on data collected from line operations and flight simulator training sessions. The combination of insights and de-identified data from line operations and pilot training sessions will enable the design of an Integrated Safety Management System to enhance CEBU’s flight safety and pilot training effectiveness.

“We are bringing pilot training full circle with our new LOSA program and CAE Rise™. Connecting training data with LOSA will provide unique insights to help us measure the effectiveness of our training and allow us to be more proactive,” said Mike Szucs, Chief Executive Advisor, Cebu Pacific Air. “We are committed to the continuous development of Cebu’s pilots, and we are pleased to partner up with CAE to bring the latest innovation and tools to support our operations. The LOSA program combined with CAE Rise™ will help us better assess pilot competencies, develop tailored training programs, and enable us to deliver the highest level of safety.”

“Our new integrated data service offering is designed to support evidence-based training with comprehensive insights. Our unique approach will allow Cebu to effectively collect, assess, and benchmark its operational and training data,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation. “We continue to innovate and evolve our digital solutions and we are thrilled to partner up with forward-thinking airlines to shape the future of pilot training. We welcome Cebu to the CAE Rise™ family of operators, and we are excited to work with the airline to elevate pilot training and enhance aviation safety.”

About The LOSA Collaborative

The LOSA Collaborative is dedicated to the continuous improvement of global aviation safety. As the premier provider of Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) education, implementation and benchmarking, The LOSA Collaborative delivers with the highest levels of quality and integrity and offer the best customer service. The LOSA Collaborative has a distinguished group of experts in flight operations, data collection, analysis and statistical validation is led by Dr. James Klinect, one of the original developers of LOSA and TEM.

CAE previously announced in January 2021 a partnership with the LOSA Collaborative to enhance its evidence-based training offering. Through an exclusive service agreement, The LOSA Collaborative will perform Line Operations Safety Audits of CAE customer-operators.

About CAE Rise™ Training System

CAE Rise™ is a data-driven training system that leverages analytics to make pilot training more effective by collecting, assessing, and benchmarking data. The training system supports evaluations and detects errors that instructors might not be able to see, allowing them to focus on assessing soft skills. CAE Rise™ also monitors and reports pilots’ adherence to Standard Operational Procedures by using objective data from flight simulators to measure performance.

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