Distance Learning Provider, CPaT, Releases New Pricing Models Providing Flexibility to Organizations

16th Jan 2023

United States headquartered pilot training distance learning provider, CPaT has shared the following – “CPaT has been listening to their airline and ATO clients when it comes to pricing options. For airlines, CPaT’s new “Unlimited Licenses” pricing model provides flexibility when it is hard to predict how many pilots you will train next year. For ATO’s, their new “On-Demand” pricing model makes it easier to manage license costs when your training business demand is hard to predict. You can purchase licenses only when you need them. Due to rising costs, there will be an increase in CPaT’s pricing for 2023, but, if you let CPaT know you’re interested in either of these new pricing models, CPaT will hold the 2022 rates for you while you investigate how these models can save your company money.”

Source: Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CPaT Global
Photo Credit: CPaT (shown as meta image)

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