E-Learning and Flight Training Solution Provider, Evionica, Announces Cooperation with a Flight School in Slovakia

03rd Feb 2023

Evionica, a next-generation e-learning and flight training solution provider, starts cooperation with AeroJOB Fly Academy, a flight school that provides a comprehensive range of programs for future commercial airline pilots in the Czech and Slovakia territories. Evionica will be providing AeroJOB Fly Academy students with PPL(A) and ATPL(A) distance learning courses.

“We are happy to enrich our comprehensive offer for future pilots with Evionica’s innovative e-learning courses for ATPL(A) and PPL(A) licenses. Our Training Organization aims to ensure a flexible, engaging, and based-on digital solutions way to complete theory courses. This is the main reason that we have decided to join forces with Evionica and extend our offer of online aviation courses. Our students appreciate this interactive and user-friendly method of learning, which significantly increases progress results, helps them better understand educational materials and master the knowledge. Our goal is to develop our offer according to students’ requirements and expectations and our partnership with Evionica supports us with that!” – comments AeroJOB Fly Academy.

About AeroJOB Fly Academy

AeroJOB Fly Academy is the only organization in the Czech and Slovak aviation market providing a complex training program to become a professional pilot. Three bases are located in Kosice, Dubova, and Prague with all facilities dedicated to both PPL(A) and ATPL(A) students. Moreover, Flight School individually approaches each student’s needs, and as a result, the success rate of AeroJOB pilots in airline job interviews exceeds 95%. During 25 years of existence, AeroJOB Fly Academy trained students from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. With such valuable experience and professional expertise, AeroJOB perfectly fulfills clients’ needs.

About Evionica

Evionica delivers next-generation e-learning (CBT) and advanced business solutions to improve aviation industry. Their team of aviation experts provides a wide range of distance learning courses (theory, type rating and class rating) in line with EASA regulations, flight training software solutions, as well as Weight and Balance services for ground operations. They work with over 300 customers worldwide to increase profitability, maximize training performance and support future pilots in a rewarding career. 

Source: Evionica Press Release

Photo Credit: AeroJob Fly Academy (shown as meta image)

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