European Flight School Announces Fleet Expansion with New Tecnam Aircraft

16th May 2022

Spain based Quality Fly announced fleet expansion with the addition of a new Tecnam Aircraft P2008 MKII to its fleet. The flight school explained the following important elements of such incorporation:

“First of all, it is the biggest pleasure to continue expanding our fleet, as it means our effort is valued by the students who continue to give us their trust and recommend our school to their colleagues.

Secondly, it is an aircraft with remarkable features, as it combines carbon-fibre fuselage and metal wings, with a highly efficient BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG 912 motor, which allows a) fuel consumption of up to 50% lower vs older models, b) the usage of unleaded fuel vs old flight training aircraft allowing only leaded fuel and c) beyond taking care of the environment, it allows to be more resilient to oil price increases. Have you heard about school passing price increases to their students due to fuel price increase? They are likely still having an old generation high consumption fleet.

Thirdly, it is an aircraft with a glass cockpit including the most advanced avionics system with Garmin G3X touch screen. This facilitates the transition into todays modern highly automatised airline aircraft.

Fourthly, it is one more piece of our standardized fleet, including all glass cockpit Tecnam aircraft, facilitating the progress through the training program.

Finally, it is an owned aircraft like all the fleet of our school, not rented. That does not make any difference from an education point of view, but reflects the solidity of the project, and for those in the industry that remind some school going bust leaving students stranded, it gives an additional trust factor to the students when choosing their school.”

For more information, kindly contact Quality Fly.

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