European Flight School Purchases Another Multi-Engine Aircraft

01st May 2022

Tecnam announced the delivery during AERO 22 of another twin-engine P2006T MKII for the leading French academy Mermoz. Mermoz operates already ten Tecnam aircraft, P2010 and P2006T.

The P2006T offers unbeatable value and innovative design with a modern Garmin avionics suite, integrating all primary flight, navigation, communication and terrain data on two high-definition LCDs. The aircraft is also equipped with an S-Tec 55x high-performance, two-axis autopilot, with advanced features.

Fitted with two Rotax 912S3 engines, the Tecnam P2006T exhibits remarkable fuel savings and can be operated on AVGAS and MOGAS 95 octane fuel, leading to huge cost savings, offering the best training for Multi Engine, Variable Pitch and Retractable Landing Gear ratings. Rotax engines are very reliable and fuel efficient compared with engines on other twins and this reinforced Mermoz choice. Efficiency that also means very low CO2 emissions. Recent study shows that flight schools operating with TECNAM single and twin-engine fleet can reduce emissions by up to 60%: 10 tons of CO2 for each student by the time they receive their Commercial Pilot License.

“Mermoz Academy’s mission is to go above accepted standards to guide our trainees towards excellence and employment through experience sharing and partnerships, taking the environment into account.” Said Stéphane Larrieu, Mermoz Academy, Deputy CEO.

“The relationship with Mermoz is now consolidated. We are delighted to be partnering together to fulfill all the needs of a modern flight academy. Mermoz is the proof of how to be a leading academy and they can rely on Tecnam support for all future developments. ” says Tecnam’s Chief Sales Officer, Walter Da Costa.

About Mermoz Academy
Mermoz Academy has been established in 1957 and has a leading position in crew training. Since its creation the school has made a point of buying its own aircrafts and build partnerships with airlines in order to maximise our student employability. With its three training sites in Paris, Tours and San Diego (USA), the school can offer a custom-made pathway towards airline cockpits.

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