European Flight School Shares Thoughts on Pilot Shortage, Encourages Aspiring Pilots to Pursue the Profession

13th May 2022

With the accumulation of various news that pertains to a global looming pilot shortage, Spanish Flight School Quality Fly, through its Social Media Platforms, shared a brief insight to their view of the subject matter and what it could mean for aspiring pilots.

According to Quality Fly, some aspiring pilots have asked them if the issue on pilot shortage is temporary to which Quality Fly’s management’s view is ‘No’.

“The longer a Supply Chain is halted, the longer the lack of resources lasts when the demand recovers, in particular if such resource takes long to grow. In other words: Pilots will be needed for a long while,” said Quality Fly. “It can seem evident today, but we argued in that direction in April 1st 2020, the depths of initial phase of the pandemic. Airline companies are facing, as humanity, one of the biggest challenges in modern history. The dip will be pronounced but our bet is that the industry will bounce back strongly.”

“To our candidates. For upcoming piloting candidates, we absolutely do not discourage those who judge the current situation as an opportunity. Indeed, the time-frame of piloting education is long enough to expect this crisis to have potentially passed. The reduction of people starting pilot studies, plus the baby boomer pilots retirements over the next few years and possible acceleration of these during the crisis, could further benefit the recovery of demand for pilots in the future,” added Quality Fly.

“The opportunity to become a pilot is now as strong as it was then; and moreover it is way more evident now,” Quality Fly emphasized.

Source: Quality Fly

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