FAA Approves the ALSIM AL40 Simulator as an Advanced Aviation Training Device

22nd Apr 2022

ALSIM is proud to announce that the FAA has approved the ALSIM AL40 simulator as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD).

The AL40 is an exact replica of a new Diamond DA40 NG aircraft equipped with a real Garmin G1000® NXi avionics suite. In the United States, ALSIM’s AL40 is currently operated by the Aspen Flight Academy in Colorado, a one-of-a-kind program that offers every Aspen High School student the chance to experience flight and learn about careers in aviation.

Captain Mike Pearce, the Aspen Flight Academy’s Board of Directors Chairman, a Boeing 777 Captain for American Airlines and the creator of the Every Student Flies program adds: “The ALSIM AL40 is an exceptional simulator with state of the art flight characteristics. It is ability to provide substantial instrument training and provide realistic emergency situations is astounding. This device has truly improved the performance of my students in all aspects of flight training.”

Dr Scott Firsing of the ALSIM North America team adds: “Having the AATD approval for the AL40 now means student pilots in America can log respectively up to 20 hours and 50 towards their instrument rating and CPL certificate. Moreover, with the current higher prices for aircraft, fuel, insurance and most aviation related items, a high-fidelity simulator with real Garmin avionics, immersive visuals and an authentic force feedback system makes the AL40 a must have business and training item. We developed a new, industry leading flight model for this simulator that can replicate the most basic flight maneuvers to the more advanced emergency procedures.”

Over the years, the ALSIM AL40 and AL42 have been delivered to flight training organizations around the world including the Airbus Academy, Skyborne, Leading Edge Aviation and the Polish Air Force.

About Aspen Flight Academy
The Aspen Higher Learning Flight Academy (dba Aspen Flight Academy) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit flight training school that provides youth and adults with classroom and flight training to obtain Private, Instrument and Commercial flight ratings.

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