Flight Schedule Pro and LogTen Pilot Logbook Integration Boost

02nd May 2023

In November of 2022, Flight Schedule Pro team reached a milestone that set the roadmap up to achieve big things in 2023 with the integration of LogTen Pilot Logbook. That milestone alone enabled student and instructor pilots to share flight data seamlessly to their electronic pilot log with one click when a flight has been checked-in on the Flight Schedule Pro platform.

With that, Flight Schedule Pro is excited to share with you the next big LogTen integration enhancement that is ready to soar! Pilots who fly with your operation can now connect their LogTen logbook to their Flight Schedule Pro account. In doing so, this will uncover a clear snapshot of logged flight time within their pilot profile.

Now, while this integration is a great addition for pilots who fly with an operator that uses Flight Schedule Pro as their software solution, it’s also a game changer for the operators themselves. Interested in learning how? Check it out.

  • Administrators can view total instructor hours from LogTen. Flight Schedule Pro understands that a large quantity of pilots wanting to take the professional pilot route become Certified Flight Instructors as a way to build their time flying. Gaining a clear visual of where each instructor stands will give an idea of when those instructors are eligible to move to the next step in their career and allow your flight operation to prepare ahead of time so that no student falls behind due to being short staffed.
  • Instructors can view total student hours from LogTen. CFIs capture a better view of each student’s comprehensive hour accumulation, especially those who also train with other schools and instructors.

Next Steps

The first and most important step of this integration is to ensure all pilots who fly with your organization are using LogTen Pilot Logbook to log their flight time. LogTen is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

Once an account has been created for LogTen, the next step is for each pilot to connect their logbook to Flight Schedule Pro. This connection can be completed in one of three locations within Flight Schedule Pro:

  • Directly from the dashboard widget
  • Jumping to the ‘My Apps’ view (accessed from the user login name in the top right corner)
  • Within their main profile, a new selection row will now appear labeled ‘Logbook’

Once the connection has been made, logbook data will now display within Flight Schedule Pro.

Source: Flight Schedule Pro
Photo Credit: Flight Schedule Pro

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