Flight School Management Software Provider Adds API Allowing Flight Schools to Integrate with 3 Party Systems

15th Nov 2022

FlightLogger announced it has added API (application programming interface) to its digital platform and that this feature is now live. The new feature is available to current FlightLogger users.

FlightLogger said in a release:

“It’s been on the wishlist for a long time. Several of our clients have provided us with tons of feedback on how it should work and what data it should include. Now it’s here, and we’re proud to finally introduce our brand-new API.

Our product team has been working for months to prepare what has been one of the most requested features for some time – and now it’s finally live and ready.

Just like all other developments done by FlightLogger, our new API has been designed from input picked up from some of the many flight training organizations that use FlightLogger today. We’re not yet ready to fulfil all the wishes, but the first version of the API forms a strong foundation for adding many more possibilities over time.

API stands for application programming interface.In short, this means that an API is an interface that facilitates communication between different applications or services. In our case, the API is designed to enable communication between FlightLogger and third party systems. It for example, allows training organizations using FlightLogger to transfer information regarding flights, bookings, theory and much more from FlightLogger to other systems – using their own code which connects to FlightLogger via the API.

The next version of our API will facilitate data going the other direction as well, thereby feeding data from 3rd party systems into FlightLogger. Our development team is already working on making this possible, and we’ll release version 2 of the API as soon as possible.

All FlightLogger users have access to use the API to set up their own integrations between FlightLogger and other systems using a personal API token. However, using an API requires some coding skills so we recommend that you leave it to those with the necessary qualifications (the data available through the API is of course restricted to the specific user’s role).

Where many software providers charge clients an additional fee for API access, we have decided to include it for free in all our current subscription plans.”

Source: FlightLogger Press Release
Photo Credit: FlightLogger

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