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23rd Feb 2023

Flight school management software solution provider FlightLogger announced its second major update of 2023, my|FlightLogger, a single sign-on access to all your FlightLogger profiles. Unlike anything else available on the market today, it is a centralized platform offering single sign-on access to all associated FlightLogger accounts along with a free digital logbook.

The digital logbook automatically fetches and displays flights from all associated FlightLogger organizations, giving users a detailed summary of total hours, and allowing them to log additional flights from any outside organizations. Furthermore, all users on my|FlightLogger can continue using the logbook without the need of a FlightLogger Profile.

With my|FlightLogger, students and instructors can easily monitor their progress and gain a unified view of all their completed flight activities. This innovative tool can also be highly beneficial to administration personnel, who now have one-click access to multiple flight organizations that they manage.

In addition to these features, in the next update, using my|FlightLogger you will be able to access all previous student training records. The update will also include a certificate library where all users will be able to keep track of and update all certificate requirements, such as medicals and proficiency checks.

Source: FlightLogger Press Release
Photo Credit: FlightLogger (shown as meta image)

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