Strategic Planning Flight School Software Solution Welcomes New Investor

06th Dec 2022

Aeroplanned, a New Zealand based startup which has developed an innovative product new to the market, that provides Flight Schools with a view of their 3-year plan, has welcomed new backing from Ryan Baker (former Co-founder and CEO of Timely).

Jen Liddle, Co-founder of Aeroplanned, has shared its journey on how the software company came about. Check out their story below:

“We’ve always been very passionate about our ‘why’ (which certainly helps on this wild start-up ride!) and as we begin to emerge out of our intense design and development stage and talk more about what we are doing, we are really enjoying being involved in discussions with people who seem to really get our ‘why’.

So, why Aeroplanned?

We love the flight training industry, and we find most of the people that we connect with are involved because they love it too.

There’s so much to love; it’s exciting and dynamic, it’s challenging and requires an incredibly high level of professionalism to maintain quality and safety … and the thrill of being up in the air, learning different procedures and manoeuvres in harmony with the ever-changing conditions is infectious for the entire flight school team.

There are also many aspects of the flight training industry that aren’t loveable, that get tolerated because they’re outweighed by all the great bits.

But what if we could remove those negative parts of the industry and improve the experience for everyone involved?

Aeroplanned was created because we believe so many of the difficult aspects of the industry, that everyone is just putting up with, can be solved with clever and effective forward planning.

Half the battle for those running a flight school is a lack of visibility of what’s to come; the training that needs to be done vs the expected resources available.

The current method for flight schools to manage their forward planning is using spreadsheets. There are so many variables that will impact a plan, so many inputs and constant changes, and a spreadsheet just can’t keep up. They are clunky and siloed, and usually only a few people have access or can confidently make changes. Using spreadsheets, it’s impossible to put together and implement a highly effective plan that can be easily updated with changes as they arise.

As a result, flight schools are forced to make reactive decisions, often with insufficient lead time and limited visibility of the outcomes.

We believe the solution is software tailored specifically for the flight training industry that allows users to clearly see their future activities, simply make changes, and instantly see the outcomes. Users will be able to easily match training to resources, remove future bottlenecks, anticipate and optimise seasonal variations and react quickly to changes.

Aeroplanned will provide a genuine solution to so many of the problems Flight Training Schools face every day.

  • Students will receive continuous, well-paced training with stable end dates so they can just focus on achieving their best possible results.
  • With peaks and troughs of training smoothed out, Flight Instructors will have a steady, achievable workload and will have visibility of their planned progression.
  • Recruitment and upgrade planning will be simple with plenty of lead time.
  • Maintenance can be better scheduled and staggered.
  • Aircraft, simulators and even accommodation can be acquired or leased out at the right times, so flight schools won’t have expensive assets sitting unused.

We are incredibly excited about the impact Aeroplanned can have in increasing revenue and reducing costs throughout almost every area of a flight school. However, the improvement in everyone’s experience at that flight school, and the positive impact this will have on the industry is even more of a motivation.

By building a community who want to do things better, we believe we can optimise resources, not just at each individual flight school, but across a network. We aim to be a leader in supporting the industry to operate at optimal efficiency to help manage the increasing demand for pilots, and to make this incredible industry more enjoyable for everyone involved.

And when it’s a ‘why’ like that – how can we not be passionate!?”

Source: Aeroplanned Blog

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