Flight Training Management Software Announces New Feature

28th Mar 2022

FlightLogger announced new feature, the preflight acknowledgement and authorization workflow built into FlightLogger’s Departure/Arrival page. The new feature adds an extra layer of compliance and safety assurance to the dispatch function for any flight training organization, AOC or aero club using FlightLogger for managing their daily operations.

The new functionality is designed to help flight school dispatchers ensure that all preflight acknowledgements and authorizations have been filed before dispatching a flight.

Depending on the nature of the flight (lesson, operation, or rental flight), PICs, students, and instructors log in to their personal FlightLogger account to digitally acknowledge/authorize after reviewing a fully customizable acknowledgement text prior to proceeding a booked flight.

Via simple icons – each providing access to additional information – dispatchers can easily verify that the necessary acknowledgements and authorizations have been made before dispatching a flight on the Departure/Arrival page.

Information about acknowledgement, authorizations, and dispatches is automatically logged in FlightLogger, allowing authorized users to testify that all completed flights have been handled according to relevant regulations.

Source: FlightLogger Press Release

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