Flight Training Software and Computer Based Training Provider, Evionica, Announces Cooperation with European Flight School

02nd May 2023

Evionica starts cooperation with International Flight Academy (IFA), an approved training organization certified in Portugal and Cape Verde.

“Our students want to decide where, when and how to learn – at night, in a cafe, on a mobile device, or maybe with headphones on a bus. Our learners also want to feel engaged in the learning process, they wish to feel a part of the learning, not apart from the learning. At IFA, we know a learner-centric direction is a modern approach, but modernity must be supported by reliability and expertise. We find that Evionica’s CBTs bring reliability, expertise and clarity to the most complex topics; they enhance student engagement; and ultimately, we believe these tools will prepare our students to take to the skies with greater confidence, greater know-how and greater readiness. IFA is a byword for being flight training that is advanced in both training tools and the aircraft used. That is why, we are glad to offer these latest advances in training with Evionica,” said IFA.

About IFA
“International Flight Academy has two bases of operation in 🇵🇹 – Cascais and Viseu. With over 25 years of experience in aviation and a fleet of over 15 aircraft, we offer safe and professional flight training for national and international students seeking PPL(A) and ATPL(A) certification, as well as a complete variety of Type Ratings.We give students access to the most advanced training aircraft available and the most advanced sources of know-how developing our learners to be the most qualified for the labour market. That is why, we have chosen e-learning courses by Evionica for ATPL(A), PPL(A), N-VFR, PBN, MCC A320 and A-UPRT licenses.”

Source: Evionica Announcement
Photo Credit: Evionica (shown as meta image)

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