FlightLogger kicks off 2022 with new feature

Flightlogger, one of the leading Flight School Management Platforms across the globe, announced a new platform feature at the start of 2022; a new duty time tracking and warning system.

The new duty time toolset features a seemingly basic stopwatch function that allows users to start and stop their duty time with just a couple of clicks. Logged duty time is then automatically stored in FlightLogger’s records and can be used for some vital tasks.

From Flightlogger;

Ensure compliance on duty time just like on certificates, medicals, flight time, etc.

Add duty time logging to your personnel’s daily workflow within FlightLogger and collect all the data you need to ensure that instructors, crew, staff, and even students and renters are always compliant in terms of duty time limitations.

Add customizable duty time limitation requirements to your users, and FlightLogger warns you before any limitations are exceeded – helping you ensure that duty time limitations are always complied with.

FlightLogger already supports similar compliance checks towards medicals, certificates, flight time limitations, and more. Now duty time is supported as well. All use the same familiar principles which make compliance check a natural part of the workflow for schedulers – and for your users before starting an activity.

Streamline how you manage duty time-based salary payments

Many flight training organizations base their payrolls on duty time. With FlightLogger it’s easy to generate exportable reports to calculate salaries and keep track of payments without using 3rd party systems for these ongoing tasks.

FlightLogger automatically inserts time logs in the exportable expense reports that flight school administrators can use as foundation when calculating payment of internal and external staff. Track which duty times have already been paid for and which should be on the upcoming payroll.

Duty time works not just for your in-house staff, but for freelance instructors, students working at your academy, etc.”

To know more about the new FlightLogger toolset, click here.

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