FlightLogger releases data from 130 Flight Schools which show Flight Training activity stabilised at around 15% below pre pandemic levels

This article covers data collected from FlightLogger partners during July, August, and September 2021.

Average number of students has declined a little since June

Looking at what we consider a key metric when assessing the state of pilot training, namely the average number of active students for each of the academies using FlightLogger, things have been quite stable for the last 6-7 months with a slight decrease the last three months, going from 80,5 to 78,5 students.

This is a very small decline that can have many reasons. But looking over 2021 the numbers have been very stable (between 77,2 and 80,5 students), and therefore we do cot consider the minor decline of the last 3 months to be alarming.

Number of school flights has been stable

Also when it comes to the weekly number of school flights registered by our partners, activities have been at a quite stable level with a weekly average between 8.058 and 9.016 flights – that’s roughly 60-70 flights per academy each week.

If you are interested in seeing graphical representation, check out FlightLogger’s Article here.

Source: FlightLogger

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