FMS Pilot Training Solutions Provider, Heading365, Signs Contract with Online Training School

24th Apr 2023

Heading365, a provider of Professional FMS Trainer, announced it has signed a contract with Flightpath Training Ltd, an industry-leading online training school providing remote courses and training for ATOs, airlines, and individuals.

“Customers of Flightpath Training Ltd, led by Matthew Clutterbuck, will be able to enjoy state-of-the-art FMS trainers for the Airbus A320 from Heading365. Wasting valuable full-flight simulator time is now a thing of the past – aspiring pilots can master the FMS before their first session. Matt will also use our app to develop training content around the Airbus A320 FMS and offer it on his website. We are delighted that he has chosen our app for this,” wrote Heading365.

Source: Heading365 Announcement
Photo Credit: Heading365 (shown as meta image)

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