French Flight School, Mermoz Academy, Orders 6 Elixir Aircraft

24th Apr 2023

Elixir Aircraft is pleased to announce the sale of six 4th generation Elixirs to Mermoz Flight Academy.

The aircraft manufacturer and professional flight training organisation share a common territory and common ambitions. To make aviation accessible, safe, efficient, but above all more committed to the planet. Elixir Aircraft offers an aircraft that covers all the needs of a modern flight school while reducing carbon emissions by nearly 70% compared to other old generation aircraft.

Elixir Aircraft and Mermoz Academy are pleased to exhibit an Elixir in the colors of Mermoz Academy at Aero Friedrischafen. The configuration chosen by the school is full Garmin glass cockpit, to allow for training adapted to the needs of airlines. Elixir Aircraft wishes to be part of this relationship for the long term and is convinced that the Mermoz Flight Academy and Elixir Aircraft duo will be beneficial for the training of future generations of pilots.

Following its success with Airbus Flight Academy, Elixir Aircraft is focused on its commercial and industrial development, with more than Seventy Elixir on firm order in Europe alone. With a growing staff of over 100 people, the company’s priority is to ramp up production. This continued development includes the construction of a new 12,000m² factory at La Rochelle airport in the coming months.

About Elixir Aircraft

Elixir Aircraft, a company headquartered in La Rochelle, France, with over 100 employees, was created in 2015 to meet the challenges faced by the Global General aviation sector. The objective of the French company: to make safer, more economical and more versatile aircraft. Complexity is the reason why current aircraft suffer from failures (technical or human), and are expensive to operate (consumption and maintenance). Elixir Aircraft employs technology from the world of competitive sailing, the Carbon Oneshot, to simplify the structures. More simplicity means less failure, therefore more safety, but also less maintenance, and less costs (estimates of 40€/h of fuel and maintenance).

Since early 2022, Elixir Aircraft opened a new production site in Périgny, Charente Maritime, to internalize the entire production of carbon parts.

  • 4th generation two-seater aircraft certified EASA CS-23 FAA Part 23 Pending
  • 100 employees, including 50 new hires since the first quarter of 2021
  • 2 productions sites in France, one of 2300m², the other of 1000m² square
  • 70 aircraft on firm order
  • +140 aircraft pre-ordered or in letter of Intent (LOI)

About Mermoz Academy

MERMOZ ACADEMY is a reference ATO in Europe since 1957. The academy trains 150 students a year on different bases South of France, (Nimes), near Paris (Tours), in the USA and Canada. Instructors are former Air Force pilots and Airliners pilots to offering students the highest industry’s standards training.

Source: Elixir Aircraft Press Release
Photo Credit: Elixir Aircraft

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Elixir Aircraft and Mermoz Academy - Pilot Training

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