Global digital pilot training platform,, launches its revamped platform and breaks 100,000 platform views per month, thereby setting a new milestone!

06th Sep 2021, a Dubai-headquartered technology platform, aims to provide as much relevant information as possible to aspiring pilots across the globe whilst connecting them with the global pilot training infrastructure through a global Flight School directory. Recently, Aviationfly launched its revamped platform which contains thrice the information compared to its previous platform version.

This increase in content is focused on answering the two main questions of aspiring pilots i.e. “how” and “where” to become a pilot. Previously, the platform had around 600 pages in total which has now grown to over 1,800 pages including answers to each of the hundred frequently asked questions from aspiring pilots. In addition to this free content, the team at Aviationfly integrated a learning management system on the platform and launched this with its first course, entitled “Aviation and Pilot Training Foundation Course”. In September, this course library will grow to include pilot training preparation solutions from industry leading organisations covering Aviation English, Flight School Assessment Practice tests, among others.

Formerly, the team at Aviationfly focused its pilot training platform coverage to Africa, Asia Pacific, and Middle East region. The scope in 2021 has increased to cover the whole globe. In line with this, Aviationfly mapped out the entire global pilot training infrastructure in terms of Flying Clubs, Flight Schools, and Simulator Training Centers which it will bring onto the revamped platform over the coming months.

Maximilian Buerger, Managing Director of Aviationfly, commented:

“Our vision is to digitally connect the global pilot training stakeholders similar to how the aviation industry has connected the world! More than 70% of the world’s flight training infrastructure is in developed nations, while 87% of the world’s population live in developing nations. Our mission is to create a better connection between these stakeholders.

While a large part of the pilot training industry has been negatively affected by the pandemic, we have decided to continue investing into our digital infrastructure to not only support aspiring pilots from all corners of the globe but also to try and support as many pilot training organisations as possible to navigate the complex environment. Any spare resources and time we are dedicating towards trying to assist as many pilots as possible to take back to the skies again by sharing job vacancies through our large network and having put together an airline career page directory.

Since March last year we have seen that the interest from aspiring pilots has only partially decreased which became more apparent when airlines started reducing their pilot staffing. Moreover, a large number of aspiring pilots are postponing the start of their pilot training or simply cannot travel to their preferred pilot training organization due to local or international restrictions in place. The full effects of the pandemic on the pilot training industry and its ability to supply pilots to the aviation industry will only be evident over the coming three years as the world emerges from the pandemic. Aviationfly has a clear plan on how we can contribute to reduce the negative effects in the coming years.”

The group owning and operating the platform,, also indicated that they will be launching a second platform in September which will focus on Market Intelligence and Advisory Services specifically for the Pilot Training Industry.

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