Global Pilot Training Group announces first E-Flight in Africa

17th Mar 2022

The first E-Aircraft has taken its inaugural proving flight at 43 Air School, South Africa!

Laying the groundwork for zero-emission in African Aviation and Training, 43 Air school (Pty) Ltd a well-known and leading South African Flight School flew the first fully Electric Aircraft on African Soil on 16/3/2022, thereby demonstrating the arrival of electric flight technology in Aviation.

“As we know the path in this journey was long, but it is now well underway, and the African Aviation industry is no exception. Indeed, a milestone day for Aviation in South Africa and Arica as our work in laying the foundations in electric flight bodes well for the future of Aviation Training and industry-wide adoption and regulatory acceptance of alternative-propulsion in commercial aircraft and urban air vehicles” says CEO of 43 Air school- Attie Niemann. “This proves that electric aviation has arrived and can work in Aviation Training and with some more development in wider commercial applications.”

The first of hopefully many electric flights took place at 43 Air school with a Pipistrel Alpha Electro- one of the best and most advanced designed & produced electric aircraft in the world. The Aircraft type and its Manufacturer is the holder of the “Design Organization and Production Approval” certificate issued by the European aviation agency EASA.

At the moment, Pipistrel Aircraft can rightfully claim the title of the world’s leading company for the design and manufacture of innovative electric and hybrid-powered aircraft. This technology would mean significant cost savings for training and leisure flying and zero emissions. “Our goal is to actually electrify a good proportion of the fleet, in years to come, and on top of fuel efficiency, the company would save millions in maintenance costs because electric motors require “drastically” less maintenance. When this technology takes off with other operators, he said: “It could set a trend for more environmentally friendly and affordable flying. An aircraft like this one flown’ s running cost is a significant saving on conventional combustion and due to the lithium battery powering it we can safely fly for approximately an hour with reserves, which is sufficient for the majority of training flights it’s intended for. The Aircraft is super quiet and very efficient and powerful for its size and lovely to fly and also the batteries and electric motors will eventually be developed to power longer flights’. While the world waits for wider application of e-flight, he said cheaper short-haul flights powered by electricity could transform the way people connect and where they work.

For more information, kindly contact 43 Air School.

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