Company Overview

HAVELSAN is a leading simulator manufacturer company of Türkiye, as a corporation affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. As an outcome of its 40 years of experience, the company provides state-of-the-art EASA Level-D compliant simulators and training solutions for civil aviation needs by offering a cost-effective solution that increases training and operational efficiency.

Renowned for their exceptional realism and accuracy, the simulators provide an unparalleled training experience for pilots. Incorporating advanced software and hardware components, HAVELSAN’s simulators replicate the complexities of real-world flying, from intricate cockpit details to dynamic weather conditions, ensuring a truly immersive training environment.

HAVELSAN has a global reach with its offices in over 22 countries and serves as a simulator provider for Turkish Airlines. With a customer-centric approach, HAVELSAN collaborates closely with airlines, military organizations, and training institutions to understand their specific training objectives, technological preferences, and budget constraints. By actively engaging with their customers, the company not only ensures the delivery of high-quality simulators but also provides customized solutions that cater to the exact demands of the customer.

Specializes in:

Providing narrow-body aircraft simulators and FNPT II solutions



BOEING 737 MAX/ 737-8 NG FFS


PRIME (FNPT II/One-Cockpit Multi-Platform Simulator)

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