“How Do The January 2023 Regulatory Changes Affect APS MCC Pilot Training?” – VA Airline Training

28th Aug 2022

“Regulatory changes are coming on 1 January 2023, and these are now an important consideration for pilots planning APS MCC training.

UK CAA licence holders

  • Until 31 December 2022, trainees have the option to complete an APS MCC course with a qualifying EASA ATO, and that training will be recognised by the UK CAA. However, this ceases to apply from 1 January 2023 onwards.

  • From 1 January 2023, trainees must complete an APS MCC course with a UK CAA approved ATO.

EASA licence holders

  • Trainees must complete an APS MCC course with an EASA approved ATO.

Dual UK CAA and EASA licence holders

  • Holders of dual licences can complete an APS MCC course with a UK CAA approved ATO, or an EASA approved ATO. However, if the trainee completes an APS MCC course with an ATO which holds only UK CAA approval, or only EASA approval, the APS MCC will only be valid in relation to the applicable licence.

  • To preserve the flexibility that a dual licence provides, trainees should complete an APS MCC course with an ATO which holds dual UK CAA and EASA approvals. These dual approvals don’t only apply to the ATO itself, but also extend to its courses, training devices, and the instructors conducting the training.

  • VA Airline Training is one of only a handful of ATOs across the UK and Europe that hold the necessary approvals to provide dual APS MCC training.”

Source: VA Airline Training announcement

Photo Credit: VA Airline Training

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