Leading Pilot and Simulator Training Provider Inducts New Virtual Reality Trainer

16th Jun 2022

Global leading Pilot Training Group and Simulator manufacturer CAE is now adding Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR and MR) technology for its new training platforms, particularly the latest Sprint VR Trainer and the MAVRC Trainer.

“The CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer is one of CAE’s latest product innovations leveraging digital technologies for self-paced learning. Comprised of a virtual reality headset, haptics, physical flight controls and the CAE Medallion image generator, it delivers a higher-fidelity and more realistic virtual environment than traditional VR trainers, including the ability to see and read cockpit instruments. The CAE Sprint VR trainer enables students to practice training tasks, procedures and maneuvers in an affordable, high-fidelity, immersive environment to master lessons at their own pace,” according to CAE.

On the defence side, CAE utilizes the CAE MAVRC™ Trainer (Mission Augmented Virtual Reality/Rear Crew Trainer) which is is one of CAE’s latest product innovations that leverages mixed reality technologies to create a digitally immersive and optimal training environment for rear crew.

“The CAE MAVRC Trainer allows for multiple and progressive modes for crew training, including standalone mode for rear crewmember training; integrated mode for coupling rear crew with pilots in a full-mission simulator or flight training device for whole crew training; and distributed mission operations (DMO) training mode where the aircrew is networked with other virtual training devices for complete tactical mission training,” CAE explained.

Source: CAE

For more information, check out CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer and CAE MAVRC Trainer.

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