Global Operator of Full Flight Simulator Training Centers Ansett Aviation Training Offering A320 and ATR72-600 FFS Capacity in Asia

Australia headquartered Ansett Aviation Training which operates full flight simulator training centers across Australia, Asia (Taiwan), the Middle East (Dubai) and Europe (Italy) has announced it is offering Airbus A320 and ATR72-600 full flight simulator training capacity on its EASA certified devices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ansett Aviation Asia is located just under 10 minutes drive from Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. The simulator training facility is a 5 bay simulator training center created to support pilot training for regional Asian airlines and other pilot training stakeholders.

Ansett Aviation Asia offers:

  • A320 / ATR-600 dry and wet FFS hire
  • A320 / Atr-600 Entry Level Training (Elt Course)
  • Jet Familiarization / Multi-crew Cooperation Course
  • A320 / Atr-600 Type Rating Training
  • A320 / Atr-600 Recurrent Training
  • A320 / Atr-600 Re-qualification Training
  • A340/330-a320 Cross Crew Qualification (Ccq) Training
  • Jet Bridging (Jet Orientation, Multi Crew Co-operation) Course

Various hotel and transportation options are available conveniently in the heart of the city located only 12 minutes from the training centre.

For more information kindly contact Ansett Aviation Training.

Source: Ansett Aviation Training

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Flight School Resource and Training Timeline Forecasting Tool Aeroplanned Announces Strategic Partnership with Global Pilot Training Group Airways Aviation

In response to the escalating demand for pilots worldwide, Airways Aviation Group, which operates pilot training academies across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and India, has a rapidly expanding network, currently spanning 12 locations globally offering a wide set of training capabilities.

With this expansion, and a global network, Airways Aviation faces distinct operational requirements, a challenge Aeroplanned is delighted to help address. With Airways Aviation diverse locations, and each base delivering different programs with unique flying conditions, Aeroplanned allows each base to operate with their own individually configured platform, whilst providing standardised reporting to ensure management have consistent, relevant data to make the best possible decisions.

Aeroplanned’s innovative platform empowers users at each location to accurately track student progress and strategically plan remaining training to achieve targets. With all the data in one place, Aeroplanned enables Airways Aviation global team to access consistent reporting on student performance metrics, including on-time performance, any anticipated delays, and proactive measures to address any issues.

As Airways Aviation continues to expand and enrolment of student pilots grows annually, Aeroplanned’s software also proactively identifies available capacity and flags potential resource bottlenecks. This critical information, along with the ability to quickly run scenarios, ensures optimal resourcing decisions are made well in advance.

Jen Liddle, CEO of Aeroplanned, is delighted to embark on this journey with Airways Aviation: “Collaborating with the Airways team is an exciting prospect. We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of each of their bases as well as their overarching management, ensuring collective oversight for optimal results. Airways Aviation unique operating model presents a fascinating challenge, and we’re committed to contributing to its success.

Alexandre Alves, Global COO & CCO of Airways Aviation, highlights Aeroplanned’s significance in enhancing operational visibility: “At Airways Aviation, informed decisions hinge on comprehensive insights from each of our bases. Aeroplanned will deliver this seamlessly. As we continue to expand, having visibility years into the future is pivotal for strategic expansion, planning and delivering what our extensive B2B and B2C customer base needs. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Aeroplanned that started early this year in our operation in Australia and it’s now being implemented in France and soon throughout our network.

About Aeroplanned
Aeroplanned is revolutionary resource planning software designed exclusively for the pilot training industry. Committed to empowering flight schools worldwide, the platform provides a comprehensive solution to track and manage student progress efficiently. With the capability to accurately predict required resources up to 3 years in advance, Aeroplanned offers critical visibility and valuable insights, enabling flight schools to optimise their operations for maximum efficiency and results. Dedicated to fostering success in the aviation community, Aeroplanned is based in New Zealand and operates globally. The platform is meticulously crafted by experts who share an inherent passion for ensuring students finish on-time and progress seamlessly through a connected pilot pipeline.

About Airways Aviation
With over 45 years of international experience and educational sites across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, Dubai-headquartered Airways Aviation is recognized as the largest privately-owned multidisciplinary aviation academy globally. Our comprehensive education and training programs combine practical and theoretical techniques to meet the increasing demand for skilled aviation professionals certified by EASA, CASA, ICAO, and IATA. The Airways Aviation Group has trained over 9,000 commercial pilots and graduated more than 25,000 cabin crew, ground handling, and maintenance professionals. It also maintains a diverse fleet of over 70 aircraft, including Europe’s largest fleet of Diamond DA40 and Diamond DA42, along with various Cessna and Piper models equipped with advanced avionic systems.

Source: Aeroplanned

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Global Flight Training Group, Airways Aviation, Announces New Simulator Centre Opening in Australia

Global flight training group Airways Aviation, which operates pilot training academies across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and India, has shared that its Australian Gold Coast base celebrated the opening of its new simulator centre.

The event saw a full house with attendees including key industry partners, academic collaborators from Ansett Aviation Training, Griffith University, Southern Cross University and representatives from Study Gold Coast. The presence of such distinguished attendees emphasised the strong community and educational ties supporting aviation education and training globally, as well as the growth of the pool of aviation professionals and expertise in Australia, particularly in the Southern Queensland and Northern Rivers NSW regions.

For over two decades, Airways Aviation has partnered with ALSIM, the renowned flight simulator manufacturer, to support our first-class training solutions. The new centre features the milestone 100th ALSIM AL250 simulator, an advanced training tool designed to meet the needs of prospective commercial pilots in the initial stages of their career, covering PPL, CPL and IR/ME courses. This versatile simulator offers reconfigurable SEP/MEP capabilities and a switchable classic to glass cockpit, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive training experience.

We selected the AL250 simulator from ALSIM Flight Training Solutions due to its long-established pedigree, quality, and functionality including the fact that this particular Simulator also eliminates the need for our Australian Academies to operate multiple devices. This aligns with the Airways Aviation ethos of providing the most efficient and cost effective aviation education and training solutions,” said Romy Hawatt – Founder & Chairman – Airways Aviation Group.

The launch event also served as a platform to reaffirm Airways Aviation’s support for the Griffith Aviation MATES program, an initiative that fosters mentorship and development among aviation students. The presence of program leaders and members at the event underscored the collaborative spirit that defines the aviation community on the Gold Coast.

Moreover, the opening of this simulator centre is a testament to Airways Aviation’s robust international growth, particularly in the MENASA and Southeast Asian territories and will further enhance the capabilities of the Gold Coast and Lismore campuses to attract both domestic and international students,” said Janet Dalby – CEO Airways Aviation – Australasia Pacific Region.

As a proud member of Study Gold Coast, Airways Aviation is thrilled to contribute to the region’s reputation as a premier destination for aviation education. This new facility not only represents a significant investment in local infrastructure but also reaffirms Airways Aviation’s commitment to fostering educational excellence and industry readiness among its students.

About Airways Aviation

With over 45 years of international experience and educational sites across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, Dubai-headquartered Airways Aviation is recognized as the largest privately-owned multidisciplinary aviation academy globally. Our comprehensive education and training programs combine practical and theoretical techniques to meet the increasing demand for skilled aviation professionals certified by EASA, CASA, ICAO, and IATA. The Airways Aviation Group has trained over 9,000 commercial pilots and graduated more than 25,000 cabin crew, ground handling, and maintenance professionals. It also maintains a diverse fleet of over 70 aircraft, including Europe’s largest fleet of Diamond DA40 and Diamond DA42, along with various Cessna and Piper models equipped with advanced avionic systems.

Source: Airways Aviation
Photo Credit: Airways Aviation

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Global Pilot Training Solution Provider, CAE, is Seeking Regional Sales Director for the APAC Region

CAE is seeking a Regional Sales Director for the APAC region to be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please see an extract of the job post below.

The Regional Sales Director opportunity will lead an experienced and regionally distributed sales team to grow CAE’s business simulator product and training services business with commercial aviation customers. Focusing on strengthening existing trust-based customer relationships at all management levels to better position CAE for growth. Align teams to capture new MarketShare and new customers to accelerate CAE’s growth plan in the one of the fastest growing aviation markets worldwide. Effectively lead a team of Sales professionals in developing regional commercial strategies and sales campaigns to a successful end.

Provide leadership, guidance and support for the sales team enabling them to achieve their targets on revenue, Order Intake, yield, retention and growth goals for their assigned territories and accounts.  Secure long term strategic partnerships with airlines.

The Regional Sales Director located in South Asia is a member of the APAC management team (Regional Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and is expected to provide strategic insights on the market, key campaigns, revenue opportunities, and will be a contributor to the management of the region and the development of the long-term strategic plan for region.

Leadership & Governance

  • Ensure CAE values and culture are well instilled in sales team – namely integrity and customer trustworthiness
  • Keep high engagement and motivation within the team
  • Hire, Lead, motivate and assess the sales team
  • Maintain good knowledge of the market; monitor and provide input on the competitive landscape
  • Lead monthly Sales reporting activities
  • Manage sales activity, revenue forecasting process, establish order intake, strategic planning
  • Lead and provide direction to the regional sales team
  • Maintain two-way interactions with sales operations functions to ensure resources and support on bid preperation
  • Lead growth opportunities and participate in decisions around capex prioritization
  • Implement and govern pricing strategy
  • Provide coaching as necessary to team members
  • Execute annual sales offsite to bring high energy to the team and to deliver the next 3 fiscal years strategy
  • Fine tuning of the Sales Incentive Plan annually to ensure it’s align with the strategic objectives and focus to ensure it’s driving the correct behavior
  • Participation regional JV board meetings and present sales performance to board members

Account Planning & sales activity

  • Segment client accounts an prioritizes prospects
  • Assign targets and accounts amongst regional sales managers
  • Drive all commercial strategic planning for the south Asia region. Translate and communicate the plan to his team.
  • Develop account strategies and apply customer segmentation appropriately for all customers
  • Assign to staff all CAE customers and develop, refine and maintain an account strategy for each of their assigned accounts

Sales Activity

  • Provide a strategic plan to measure and implement superior customer service, build relationships and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Ensure cross-funtional sales team & SMEs are working together effectively
  • Salesforce CRM management
    • Manage activity dashboard
    • Ensure CRM compliance for inputs and updates
  • Manage wins/losses of team members and capture the lessons learned to improve sales moving forward.
  • Proven track record in sales and sales leadership
  • Lead the industry tradeshow strategies (APATS, Singapore Airshow, etc..), attendance, and activities as assigned for any specific event.”

To learn more about the role and to apply please use the CAE Career’s page.

Source: CAE
Photo Credit: CAE

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Training Aircraft Manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft Appoints Director International Sales Development

United States headquartered aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft, which manufacturers the popular SR22 and TRAC20 aircraft used by numerous pilot training organisations such as Emirates Flight Training Academy, United Aviate Academy, European Flight Academy and many more, has appointed Edo Santema as Director International Sales Development. To learn more about Cirrus Aircraft or connect with Mr Santema – visit his LinkedIn profile.

Source: Edo Santema (Cirrus Aircraft)
Photo Credit: Cirrus Aircraft

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Flight Training Management Software Provider, FlightLogger, Utilised by Over 100,000

FlightLogger, a leader in flight training management software, is thrilled to announce a major milestone in its journey of empowering the aviation and pilot training community. Over the past thirteen years, FlightLogger has become the trusted choice for flight training organizations worldwide, welcoming over a hundred thousand users to its platform.

At the beginning of 2024 FlightLogger announced a series of significant milestones achieved in the year 2023, marking a year of substantial growth and innovation.

Global expansion and clientele success

In 2023, FlightLogger proudly surpassed its client acquisition goal, reaching 182 clients worldwide, exceeding the initial target of 180. This expansion has not only solidified their global presence but also diversified their client base across 45 countries on six continents.

Among those who have joined FlightLogger, the company is proud to highlight new collaborations with some of the most prestigious flight training organizations: Sevenair Academy and Airways Aviation in Europe, RMIT University in Australia – the second largest university in the country, and Utah State University in the United States. Together with the many other training organizations who joined FlightLogger in 2023, these partnerships underscore the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier SaaS solutions to the world’s leading aviation training providers.

Internal Team Expansion and Specialized Roles

2023 has been a transformative year for FlightLogger, characterized by strategic internal growth. A significant development was the addition of a Product Manager to their team, a critical step in enhancing the development of their SaaS product. Additionally, FlightLogger expanded their development and client success teams, a move crucial for supporting their growing client base and maintaining their excellence in service and support.

In response to their expanding client base, FlightLogger has increased their development and client success teams. This enhancement not only supports their growth trajectory but also ensures that FlightLogger maintains their high standards of client service and support. This commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their Capterra reviews, where the company boast an average overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, with an exceptional 4.85 in customer service. This feedback underlines their dedication to providing exceptional service and a user-friendly experience.

Innovative integrations for enhanced operations

Last year, FlightLogger intensified their focus on integrations as a strategic component of their growth plan. FlightLogger successfully integrated with several key platforms to provide comprehensive and streamlined solutions to their clients:

  • Aeroplanned: For advanced long-term planning capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Wingops and SAM: These integrations offer robust aircraft maintenance management, ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Quickbooks: Integration with Quickbooks facilitates streamlined and efficient billing processes, simplifying financial management for their clients.

These integrations represent FlightLogger’s commitment to providing a holistic and efficient operational experience for flight training organizations.

Impressive usage statistics

The effectiveness and reach of FlightLogger are underscored by their impressive usage statistics. Currently, FlightLogger proudly serves 93,000 users globally.

In 2023, a remarkable 819,000 flights were logged, and 1,100,000 bookings were made through their platform, marking a 27% increase from the previous year. These numbers are a testament to the trust and reliance placed in FlightLogger’s software by the flight training community.

Source: FlightLogger
Photo Credit: FlightLogger

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Training Aircraft Manufacturer Tecnam P-Mentor Achieves United States of America FAA Certificate

Capua, Italy – Training aircraft manufacturer Tecnam announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded full Type Certificate to the P-MENTOR with the number A00067IB for Part 23 of the FAA Regulations.

Tecnam is now on track to begin deliveries to flight schools across the United States, starting with the first (20) to HCH Aviation in partnership with Stephen F. Austin State University in Austin, Texas, followed by Kilo Charlie Aviation in New Century, Kansas and EpicSky Flight Academy in Des Moines, Iowa.

About the P-Mentor
The P-Mentor is a two-seat aircraft, powered by the Rotax 912isC3, featuring the Garmin G3X IFR touch screen suite with PBN/RNAV/AFCS capabilities, compliant with the latest CS-23 EASA & FAA amendments. The Mentor is a turnkey solution for many flight schools to train students from their first flight up to their CPL-IR on a single platform. With a variable pitch propeller, a simulated retractable landing gear and an optional ballistic parachute, the P-Mentor has everything flight schools are looking for in today’s market. The P-Mentor is designed to offer the best human-machine interface, resulting in the most effective and efficient VFR/IFR training. The generous fuel capacity will allow flight schools to fly all day without refueling, which improves operational value. The P-Mentor’s fuel consumption is just 3.70 US Gal/h (14 lt/h) contributing to a very low cost of operations averaging $65 per hour.

The P-Mentor allows complete PPL, IR and UPRT training, with approved PBN/RNAV as well as AFCS: the entire training syllabus with unprecedented fuel consumption and emissions, further enhancing the renowned profitability of Tecnam-made fleet.

The entry into service of the P-MENTOR two-seater IFR training aircraft has been eagerly awaited by a large number of flight schools who have been demanding a replacement for the many hundreds of “legacy” FAR23/CS23 IFR training aircraft currently in service around the world. This aircraft will open up many profitable opportunities within the flight training market and revolutionize the training paradigm.

With the P-Mentor, Tecnam is once again confirming its leadership in flight training while innovating the market and raising the standards. This important certification milestone will create and secure new and significant revenue streams for Tecnam, built on a foundation of over 75 years of aircraft manufacturing.

To date, more than a hundred P-Mentors have been delivered in (18) countries around the world, proving that this platform fits different business plans in different weather environments. Flight schools are changing the composition of their fleet, using the P-Mentor for initial and IFR training and the P2006T for multi-engine training.

Tecnam’s Managing Director, Giovanni Pascale Langer says: “The FAA certification of the P-MENTOR is another significant milestone for the Tecnam team. We look forward to working with all US flight schools to improve the quality of training and help them keep hourly rates low.

The Tecnam fleet is perfect for the today modern school as their aircraft offer the best efficiency, performance and value while meeting the latest certification standards with a unique feature as ‘the greenest fleet on the market. Efficiency that also means very low CO2 emissions. Recent study shows that flight schools operating with TECNAM single and twin-engine fleet can reduce emissions by up to 60%: 10 tons of CO2 for each student by the time they receive their Commercial Pilot License.

About TECNAM; “Quality Aircraft since 1948”
Tecnam is an Italian aircraft manufacturer and one of the world’s leading piston aircraft manufacturers. Founded in 1948 by brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, the company is headquartered in Capua, Italy, and operates two subsidiaries in Sebring, Florida, USA, and Brisbane, Australia, to serve and support the needs of local Tecnam owners and operators. Tecnam designs and manufactures a wide range of aircraft for personal use, commercial operations, business travel, flight training, surveillance, law enforcement and other specialised applications.

Source: Tecnam

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Florida, United States Based Full Flight Simulator Training Center and Flight School Aerostar Training Services Announces New Local and International Partnerships

Florida, United States based full flight simulator training center and flight school Aerostar Training Services (Aerostar) has announced two partnerships as it expands its training offering both locally in the United States and internationally. Locally it has partnered with S&J Aviation while internationally it has partnered with Australia based flight training group Sydney Flight College (SFC). These latest partnerships signify Aerostar Training Services commitment to creating an ecosystem to support pilot training requirements from around the globe and follow announcements over the last year including:

  • The Australian Pilot Training Alliance (APTA) having partnered with AeroStar to make Boeing 737 Type Rating training available to Australian pilots. “This program provides a pathway for Australian pilots to gain access to US flight and simulator training to meet the rising need for B737 pilots. This program allows pilots to complete the bulk of their training in Australia. Then they complete the program with an 8-day visit to AeroStar in Kissimmee, Florida to study with US instructors and AeroStar’s full-motion, Level D simulators.” Australian Pilot Training Alliance provides access to FAA / CASA conversion courses and even operates a B737NG FTD to best prepare their pilots for better success in type rating programs at AeroStar.


  • Aerostar lanching in 2023 its new Indian DGCA Boeing 737NG type rating course. “We will train you, conduct your skills tests and provide you with all the DGCA documents needed to endorse your DGCA license with a type rating. Upon successful completion of training / testing all documentation required by the DGCA to endorse your license with a 737NG Type rating will be sent to the Directorate of Training and licensing DGCA in a sealed cover directly by AeroStar Training Services for DGCA scrutiny and record.” shared AeroStar.

Source: AeroStar

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