Paramount Aviation Services Announces Flight Simulator Financing Partner RESIDCO

Florida, United States based full flight simulator training center group Paramount Aviation Services, a leading provider of aviation training solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with RESIDCO in the financing of full flight simulators.

As the first step of this cooperation, Paramount and RESIDCO have concluded the sale and long-term leaseback of two Boeing 757 and one Boeing 767 simulators located at Paramount’s Miami flight training campus.

“We are excited to partner with Paramount Aviation Services and expand RESIDCO’s asset based aviation financing and lease services to include full flight simulators, ” said Glenn Davis, CEO of RESIDCO. “Paramount’s expertise and experience is a useful resource as we develop business in this sector.”

“Paramount is honored to have RESIDCO as a partner and additional source of financing for its rapidly growing training business,” said Vincent La Forgia, President of Paramount. “Our commitment to RESIDCO for the lease of three simulators is considered the first step of a broader commercial relationship between the two companies.”

About Paramount Aviation Services

Paramount Aviation Services provides flight training and simulator services that supports commercial, business, and military flight operations worldwide. Paramount’s Miami International Airport flight training campus is home to a state-of-the-art twelve (12) bay simulator facility situated at 3814 Curtiss Parkway, Miami, Florida, 33166.


RESIDCO provides aviation and rail leasing services and has an extensive track record of success in the acquisition, leasing and management of transportation assets. The company’s expertise spans aircraft, engines, and rail equipment, and its strong relationships with airlines, railroads and financial institutions, make it a trusted partner in the transportation industry.

Source: Paramount Aviation Services Press Release
Photo Credit: Paramount Aviation Services (shown as meta image)

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Group Behind AFM and Aviationfly Platform Successfully Hands Over Control of One of the Worlds Largest Aviation Social Media Profiles

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The group operating a number of popular digital platforms in the pilot training industry such as AFM and Aviationfly is proud to announce that they have successfully handed over control of one of the world’s most followed aviation Instagram profiles to a new set of aviation enthusiast.

With a following of over 750,000 aviation enthusiasts from around the globe, InstagramAviation has become a go-to source for stunning aviation photography, captivating videos, and engaging aviation-related content. The team behind the profile has worked tirelessly to cultivate a passionate community of aviation enthusiasts who share their love for aviation and connect with fellow aviation lovers.

As the group handed over control of the profile, the team expresses their gratitude to InstagramAviation’s loyal followers for their unwavering support and engagement throughout the years. The previous operator team is confident that the new operator will continue to uphold the high standards of community engagement that InstagramAviation is known for.

To stay updated on the latest aviation content and connect with the new team, be sure to follow InstagramAviation on Instagram at @instagramaviation.

Source: AFM
Photo Credit: AFM

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Middle East Airline Invests US$ 135 million in New 6-Bay Pilot Training Centre

Dubai, United Arab Emirates based Emirates will soon build an advanced training facility to accommodate 6 Full Flight Simulator Bays (FFS) for its future Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X aircraft. The brand new, 63,318 sq. ft. facility is slated to open in March 2024.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline and Group, said: “This US$ 135 million investment to build a new pilot training centre will ensure Emirates’ readiness to commence its pilot training ahead of the delivery of its new aircraft fleet starting from 2024. The building will be equipped with the latest, technologically advanced simulators to provide the best training for pilots, while using solar power to reduce energy consumption.”

The new building will be adjacent to the existing Emirates Training Facilities in Dubai, which will provide a great integration and close proximity to all the other pilot training centres.

Pilot trainees will also benefit from being able to set-up and configure the cockpit environment using bespoke devices as part of the pilot training module and upload the data to the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) prior to commencing their training session. This innovative, first-of-its-kind concept is designed to shorten the trainee’s preparatory time inside the simulator, help them maintain focus and take full advantage of the training duration.

With the addition of the new building to Emirates’ existing training colleges in Dubai, the airline will have the potential to expand its pilot training capacity by 54% per year. Across the airline’s training buildings, Emirates’ pilots will have increased flexibility and facilities to hone their flying skills with 17 full flight simulator bays offering a capacity of more than 130,000 training hours a year.

In line with the scheduled delivery of Emirates’ first Airbus A350 aircraft, the airline’s newest training college will commence training its first batch of A350 pilots by June 2024.

In addition to modern training facilities for its flight deck crew, the airline offers a range of world-class training and development programmes for its workforce and for other aviation professionals. In Dubai, these include: the Emirates Flight Training Academy for cadets, Emirates Aviation University, Emirates Cabin Crew Training Centre, and numerous programmes specially created for different segments of its employees.

Source: Emirates Press Release
Photo Credit: Emirates (shown as meta image)

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