Flight Simulation Software ProSim Training Solutions Showcases Virtual Instructor Extended Reality (ViXR) Solution in China in May 2024

Netherlands headquartered ProSim Training Solutions, which recently showcased its Virtual Instructor Extended Reality (ViXR), attended another CATES 2024 – China’s leading pilot training industry event.

ViXR is a tool that customises and conducts aircraft procedural training with or without the physical presence of a flight instructor. It is a new interactive tool for and together with the professional aviation training market using augmented reality technology combined with ProSim FSTDs.

International Flight Training Center (IFTC) in Istanbul, Turkey is ProSim’s launch customer for the ViXR.

ViXR is based on ProSim system simulation and Pacelab WEAVR Platform

  • Procedures are displayed on Hololens 2 device by using WEAVR Player.
  • Pilot is guided step-by-step by highlights, hints and voice messages.
  • Pilot activities are tracked by WEAVR Manager cloud.
  • Tracking data can be exported to customers LMS.
  • Simple plug&play AR solution.

ViXR Features

  • Responsive to aircraft systems in real time.
  • Normal and Non-Normal procedures.
  • Highlight and track procedural compliance.
  • Provide visual hints, flow indications and voice instructions. Data recording for debriefing/analysis.
  • Customer tailored procedures.
  • Platform for data gathering for future applications (AI/ML). The perfect tool for enhanced (and real) EBT/CBTA.

ViXR Goal

  • Reduced instructor requirements
  • Training quality improvement
  • Overall training time and cost reduction
  • Training consistency
  • Excellent tool for pilot selection/assessment

ViXR Scaling Opportunities

  • Multiple units active simultaneously with one instructor
  • Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Pilot tailored predictive training
  • VR solutions & MR solutions HUD alternative solution
  • To support further deployment of real EBT/CBTA

Source: ProSim Training Solutions B.V.
Photo Credit: ProSim Training Solutions B.V.

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Flight Training Management Software Provider FlightLogger Selected by OSM Aviation Academy USA

Global pilot and flight training group OSM Aviation Academy Florida’s, United States base OSM Aviation Academy USA has selected FlightLogger. FlightLogger, a leader in flight training management software, announced in May 2024 a major milestone in its journey of empowering the aviation and pilot training community. Over the past thirteen years, FlightLogger has become the trusted choice for flight training organizations worldwide, welcoming over a hundred thousand users to its platform.

OSM Aviation Academy provides airline-ready flight training in USA, Norway, and Sweden.

Source: FlightLogger
Photo Credit: FlightLogger

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Provider of Digital Training Management Solutions MINT Announces Service Agreement with Icelandic Low-Cost Carrier

MINT Software Systems, a leading provider of digital training management solutions for regulatory compliance, announces a service agreement with Icelandic low cost carrier PLAY airlines to implement the web-based training management system, MINT TMS.

Since its inception in 2019, PLAY Airlines has rapidly expanded its operations, operating 10 Airbus 320 NEO and 321 NEO aircraft across a network of 22 countries with 42 destinations on 41 routes. As PLAY continues to grow, the airline recognizes the critical importance of secure management for electronic currencies and qualifications.

In pursuit of a robust solution, PLAY’s leadership conducted a comprehensive evaluation, ultimately selecting the MINT Training Management System (MINT TMS) to oversee the qualifications of their pilots and cabin crew. MINT TMS offers advanced features tailored to meet the unique needs of airlines, including electronic forms for seamless submission of training results and the MINT Report Builder tool for swift extraction and exportation of critical crew training data.

We are excited to partner with MINT Software Systems to enhance our training operations,” said Halldór Guðfinnsson, Director of Operations at PLAY airlines. “The MINT TMS platform will not only streamline our training processes but also ensure compliance with aviation regulations, facilitating the safe operation of our growing fleet.

By leveraging the capabilities of MINT TMS, PLAY Airlines aims to accelerate its expansion while maintaining the highest safety standards in the aviation industry.

Source: MINT Software Systems
Photo Credit: MINT Software Systems

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FMS Training Solution Provider Announces Partnership with Italian Airline for E190 Flight Management System Trainer

Heading365 is proud to announce a new partnership with Air Dolomiti, a valued member of the Lufthansa Group. Air Dolomiti has chosen Heading365 as their provider for the E190 Flight Management System Trainer, highlighting a shared commitment to advancing aviation training technologies and boosting operational efficiency.

The E190 FMS Trainer is meticulously designed to streamline training processes, enhance training efficiency, and equip Air Dolomiti’s flight crews with the advanced skills necessary for greater proficiency and safety. Heading365 is dedicated to supporting Air Dolomiti’s objectives and anticipates a productive collaboration that will significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of aviation training.

About Heading365
Heading365 is a Professional FMS Trainer provider based in Austria. The FMS trainer represents the most realistic simulation possible and includes nearly all functions of the model. Heading365 products are tailored to the needs of flight schools/ATOs, Airlines and private customers. The system presents an isolated solution, has no interfaces to other programs and does not process any data. By excluding all possible sources of error, Heading365 achieves the highest possible level of technical reliability.

Source: Heading365
Photo Credit: Air Dolomiti

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Aviation Radio Simulation Provider, PlaneEnglish, Announces New Partnership with Florida Flight School

PlaneEnglish, a well known organisation in aviation communication training, has announced a new partnership with Tampa Bay Aviation – a premier choice for GI® Approved flight training in airplane and helicopter flight, GI Bill flight, and Cirrus training.

Serving the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg areas, they boast an extensive fleet of aircraft, a team of top-qualified instructors, and a steadfast commitment to state-of-the-art training methods. Now, with the integration of PlaneEnglish into their curriculum, Tampa Bay Aviation is raising the bar even higher. ARSim, Aviation Radio Simulator by PlaneEnglish, allows pilots to simulate communication between pilot and ATC, enabling them to learn aviation phraseology and radiotelephony with ease.” shared PlaneEnglish.

Tampa Bay Aviation joins pilot training institutions like Turkish Airlines Flight Academy, Airways Aviation (ESMA), Avier Flight Academy, and the USAF, who have successfully integrated ARSim into their training curriculum.

Source: PlaneEnglish
Photo Credit: PlaneEnglish

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Pilot Training Ground School Materials Provider Padpilot Announces Partnership with Greek Flight School

United Kingdom based pilot training educational material publisher Padpilot announced its latest partner – the Greek flight training organisation Cretan Eagle Aviation based at LGIR Airport in n Heraklion, Crete. George Kelarakis, CEO of Cretan Eagle Aviation, shares his thoughts on the collaboration: “We are always keen to offer our students the most advanced, intuitive and up-to-date theoretical training. For this reason, we are honoured to work with Padpilot.

Padpilot is a digital publisher and courseware developer providing aviation teaching and learning resources to training organisations worldwide.

Source: Padpilot
Photo Credit: Padpilot

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Flight School Resource and Training Timeline Forecasting Tool Aeroplanned Announces Strategic Partnership with Global Pilot Training Group Airways Aviation

In response to the escalating demand for pilots worldwide, Airways Aviation Group, which operates pilot training academies across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and India, has a rapidly expanding network, currently spanning 12 locations globally offering a wide set of training capabilities.

With this expansion, and a global network, Airways Aviation faces distinct operational requirements, a challenge Aeroplanned is delighted to help address. With Airways Aviation diverse locations, and each base delivering different programs with unique flying conditions, Aeroplanned allows each base to operate with their own individually configured platform, whilst providing standardised reporting to ensure management have consistent, relevant data to make the best possible decisions.

Aeroplanned’s innovative platform empowers users at each location to accurately track student progress and strategically plan remaining training to achieve targets. With all the data in one place, Aeroplanned enables Airways Aviation global team to access consistent reporting on student performance metrics, including on-time performance, any anticipated delays, and proactive measures to address any issues.

As Airways Aviation continues to expand and enrolment of student pilots grows annually, Aeroplanned’s software also proactively identifies available capacity and flags potential resource bottlenecks. This critical information, along with the ability to quickly run scenarios, ensures optimal resourcing decisions are made well in advance.

Jen Liddle, CEO of Aeroplanned, is delighted to embark on this journey with Airways Aviation: “Collaborating with the Airways team is an exciting prospect. We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of each of their bases as well as their overarching management, ensuring collective oversight for optimal results. Airways Aviation unique operating model presents a fascinating challenge, and we’re committed to contributing to its success.

Alexandre Alves, Global COO & CCO of Airways Aviation, highlights Aeroplanned’s significance in enhancing operational visibility: “At Airways Aviation, informed decisions hinge on comprehensive insights from each of our bases. Aeroplanned will deliver this seamlessly. As we continue to expand, having visibility years into the future is pivotal for strategic expansion, planning and delivering what our extensive B2B and B2C customer base needs. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Aeroplanned that started early this year in our operation in Australia and it’s now being implemented in France and soon throughout our network.

About Aeroplanned
Aeroplanned is revolutionary resource planning software designed exclusively for the pilot training industry. Committed to empowering flight schools worldwide, the platform provides a comprehensive solution to track and manage student progress efficiently. With the capability to accurately predict required resources up to 3 years in advance, Aeroplanned offers critical visibility and valuable insights, enabling flight schools to optimise their operations for maximum efficiency and results. Dedicated to fostering success in the aviation community, Aeroplanned is based in New Zealand and operates globally. The platform is meticulously crafted by experts who share an inherent passion for ensuring students finish on-time and progress seamlessly through a connected pilot pipeline.

About Airways Aviation
With over 45 years of international experience and educational sites across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, Dubai-headquartered Airways Aviation is recognized as the largest privately-owned multidisciplinary aviation academy globally. Our comprehensive education and training programs combine practical and theoretical techniques to meet the increasing demand for skilled aviation professionals certified by EASA, CASA, ICAO, and IATA. The Airways Aviation Group has trained over 9,000 commercial pilots and graduated more than 25,000 cabin crew, ground handling, and maintenance professionals. It also maintains a diverse fleet of over 70 aircraft, including Europe’s largest fleet of Diamond DA40 and Diamond DA42, along with various Cessna and Piper models equipped with advanced avionic systems.

Source: Aeroplanned

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