VR/MR Flight Simulation Headset Developer Vrgineers Successfully Closes 6 Million USD Series A Investment

Vrgineers is thrilled to announce that it has secured an impressive investment of 6 million dollars, led by Taiwania Capital. This investment is a testament to Vrgineers’ vision and shared commitment to driving transformative change within the technological industry. Vrgineers is proud to be the first company in the Czech Republic to receive investment from Taiwania Capital. What’s more, their current investors, have also participated in this round, with Nation 1 increasing its share by 0.5 million USD. Vrgineers is excited to continue pushing boundaries and making a positive impact in the industry with the support of their investors.

Mitch Yang, Managing Partner of CEE Fund at Taiwania Capital: “We are impressed by how Vrgineers integrated the most advanced VR/MR headsets with cutting-edge flight simulation software to deliver uniquely positioned pilot training simulators. The Vrgineers’ systems offer a fully immersive training experience with improved quality that is also very cost-effective. Although its first application is for aviation, the company’s technology could be used in industries where training for heavy equipment operation is essential.  This is our first investment in the Czech Republic.  We look forward to working closely with Vrgineers and to connect them with Taiwan’s aerospace industry as they enter the phase of rapid growth.”

Marek Polcak, Vrgineers CEO: “We are proud and feel honored that Taiwania has chosen to invest strategically in our company. This investment is not just about the necessary funds to boost our activities and products, but it also brings a great deal of overlap. This strategic investment has connected us with the leaders in the electronics development and manufacturing industry. With this connection, we can now improve our technology to the highest level possible.”

Marek Moravec, Nation 1 Managing Partner: “We have a strong belief in the success of Vrgineers and all the other companies in our portfolio. We are fully committed to supporting them in their growth and providing the necessary resources for their success. Our goal is to help these companies achieve their full potential and make a positive impact in their respective industries.“

With the newly acquired investment, Vrgineers plans to expand its product portfolio with the announcement of a new version of the XTAL headset later this year and secure growth in new markets. Their team is dedicated to achieving our full potential and making a positive impact in our industry.

Source: Vrgineers
Photo Credit: Vrgineers (shown as meta image)

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FlightLogger Announces Partnership with Wingops to Consolidate Management of Key Flight School Operations

In the ever-evolving world of flight training, aircraft maintenance stands, along with flight training management, as an essential task for organisations providing flight training. Whether conducted in-house or through trusted suppliers, this core function ensures the safety, compliance, and efficiency of aviation operations.

Recognizing the critical importance of both flight training and maintenance, FlightLogger, a leading aviation training management software provider, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with Wingops, a cutting-edge aircraft maintenance system.

At its core, this partnership introduces a seamless integration between FlightLogger’s renowned training management software and Wingops‘ state-of-the-art aircraft maintenance system. The new integration offers a transformative solution for aviation training operators, simplifying and enhancing the way they manage their training and aircraft maintenance activities.

Key highlights of the FlightLogger-Wingops integration include:

  • Effortless Data Synchronization: Flight times for each aircraft are automatically updated from FlightLogger into the Wingops system, ensuring precision and timeliness in maintenance scheduling.
  • Automated Maintenance Bookings: Work orders generated in Wingops trigger automatic maintenance bookings within FlightLogger, streamlining scheduling workflows and minimizing manual tasks.

The new partnership stands as a testament to FlightLogger’s and Wingops‘ dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By combining FlightLogger’s expertise in training management with Wingops‘ advanced maintenance capabilities, aviation organizations can expect improved operational efficiency, enhanced compliance, and heightened safety measures.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wingops to offer this game-changing integration,” said Kenneth Jeppesen, CEOand founder of FlightLogger. “In an industry where excellence in training and maintenance is non-negotiable, our collaboration will empower our clients to optimize their operations and reduce costly downtime for aircraft maintenance.”

This new partnership underscores FlightLogger’s ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of the aviation training industry.

About FlightLogger

FlightLogger is a leading provider of digital training management solutions for the flight training industry. The web-based software simplifies the administration and documentation of training activities, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and safety for flight training organizations worldwide.

About Wingops

Wingops is a cutting-edge aircraft CAMO and maintenance system designed to streamline maintenance operations and enhance the safety and reliability of aircraft. Their advanced solutions are trusted by aviation professionals globally.

Source: FlightLogger
Photo Credit: FlightLogger

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Airbus Cooperates with Lufthansa Aviation Training Launching Innovative Virtual-Reality System for Pilot Training

At the Federal Government’s Digital Summit in Jena on November 20th and 21st, Lufthansa Group and Airbus presented a new digital training option for pilots. With the help of VR glasses and a laptop, the so-called “Virtual Procedure Trainer” offers an authentic view of an aircraft cockpit in 3D. By this means, standard operating procedures, which are practiced in a simulator so far, can be trained effectively and more sustainably. The lifelike realization, furthermore, helps to prepare for later phases in the training program. The training content can be repeated as often as the individual needs of the pilots require.

Several politicians will seize the opportunity to find out more about VR cockpit training at the joint exhibition stand of Lufthansa Group and Airbus. It is expected that, among others, Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Stefan Schnorr, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, Dr. Franziska Brantner, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, will visit the stand.

Matthias Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Aviation Training:” The Federal Government’s Digital Summit is the perfect opportunity to present these new training options for pilots. As a launching partner of the virtual cockpit and together with Airbus, we bring digital progress to life. In this way, Lufthansa Aviation Training is setting new standards for training concepts in terms of quality and innovation.”

Fabrice Hamel, VP of Airbus Flight Operations & Training: “We look back with satisfaction on our cooperation with Lufthansa Aviation Training and are very happy with the positive feedback we are getting. The Virtual Procedure Trainer conveys complex training content in a vivid way and can be put to use without any restrictions in terms of time and place. In this way, it provides optimal support to pilots in preparing and expanding on their training content, thus making it an indispensable tool for increasing competence and safety in air traffic.”

With the VR glasses it is currently possible to simulate the cockpit of the A320 family, one of the most popular passenger planes for the short and medium ranges. In future, the software will be able to render further types of aircraft, such as the A330 and A350 long-haul aircraft. Depending on the further development of the hardware, it is expected that the system can be used flexibly at different locations. The software can be used with VR equipment and by way of supplementation also via an iPad app.

The first two VR set-ups have been successfully installed in Frankfurt and Vienna. As part of a test phase examining user acceptance and software and hardware potential, the extent is being investigated to which the VR solution can be integrated into the Lufthansa Group training environment in the best way possible. LAT, the Lufthansa Group airlines, and Airbus collaborate closely in the further development of the software. The goal is an integration in the type rating course for all pilots of the supported aircraft types.

About Lufthansa Aviation Training

Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT) is one of the leading companies in the field of flight training with its competence in the training and further education of cockpit and cabin personnel at ten training locations. The company employs around 800 people at different training locations. The registered office is at Munich Airport. The customer portfolio includes over 250 nationally and internationally renowned airlines, including the Lufthansa Group airlines. Lufthansa Aviation Training has almost 200 training devices within its training fleet, including aircraft for pilot training, flight simulators of all common aircraft types for pilot training and emergency and service mock-ups for the training of flight attendants. Under the European Flight Academy (EFA) brand, Lufthansa Aviation Training bundles all Lufthansa Group flight schools. 

Source: Lufthansa Aviation Training
Photo Credit: Lufthansa Aviation Training

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Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Headsets Provider, Vrgineers, Launches XTAL 3 CAVU MR Headset with Advanced AMD and NVIDIA Chips

The US-Czech startup, Vrgineers, specializing in Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies for pilot training, has teamed up with AMD and NVIDIA, graphical chip rivals, to pioneer an innovative architecture for mixed reality simulators. Vrgineers will unveil the new MR headset XTAL 3 CAVU at I/ITSEC 2023.

Mixed reality technology is gaining momentum in the simulation industry, especially in pilot training environment and is expected to surpass the usage of standard projection-based simulators. Today’s mixed reality technology has been limited by the quality of image sensors and high-performance requirements.

To address this challenge Vrgineers designed an innovative system that eliminates calculation bottlenecks and brings mixed reality technology to the forefront of the industry with its new XTAL 3 CAVU (Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited) Mixed Reality Headset. This unique mixed reality system utilizes 24Mpix image sensors that are connected to Xilinx FPGA PCIe16x card (chip manufacturer acquired by AMD) via optical cables.  This “hardcoded” processor is dedicated to calculating high resolution mixed reality images in just 1 millisecond, while the direct connection with the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX A6000 GPU bypasses the CPU, reducing overall latency to a minimum. As a result, the Quadro RTXA600 is entirely dedicated to virtual reality calculations, conserving resources and enhancing performance.

“By utilizing AMD XILINX FPGA in a combination with NVIDIA Quadro card, we found a way to provide so much needed performance boost for mixed reality, which is far above of two fastest graphical cards, with much lower latency as well as power consumption,” explains Marek Polcak, Vrgineers CEO & co-founder.

The XTAL 3 CAVU design is crafted from precision-engineered carbon, showcasing an exquisite balance of strength, remarkable lightweight characteristics, and exceptional durability. It is an ideal choice for applications in high-performance industries such as pilot training. This design ensures the headset is lighter than ever before, setting new standards for both comfort and performance.

This unique system will be embedded in Vrgineers Mixed Reality Classroom Simulators and available for purchase in 2024 for selected partners, such as U.S. NAVY under the SBIR Phase II. For less demanding scenarios, Vrgineers are also offering an improved version of XTAL 3 NEO Mixed Reality Headset, which is currently the most affordable solution for pilot training on the market.

All Vrgineers products, including our cutting-edge virtual and mixed reality headsets are TAA certified and comply with the strictest security regulations for deployment in restricted areas.

About Vrgineers

Vrgineers is a leader in developing immersive technologies and provides high-quality, effective training for military pilots using the advanced XTAL VR and MR headsets, along with aviation simulators that serve as the foundation for a modern synthetic training platform. The XTAL headset, designed with input from aviation professionals worldwide, meets demanding requirements for realistic simulation. Our interconnected trainers facilitate comprehensive scenarios, including individual and cooperative exercises involving pilots, co-pilots, gunners, JTAC instructors, and squadron coordination. Vrgineers’ simulators support diverse aviation platforms, from propeller-driven to supersonic aircraft and helicopters.

Source: Vrgineers
Photo Credit: Vrgineers

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Train-By-Wire Announces Partnership with Takeoff Trim LLC

Train-By-Wire (TBW), a member of AED Cluster Portugal and ATO, formally announced its partnership with Takeoff Trim LLC, a provider of virtual reality training solutions.

Source: Train-By-Wire
Photo Credit: Train-By-Wire (shown as meta image)

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Airline Pilot Club and Portuguese Flight School, Sevenair Academy, Announce Collaboration

Digital aspiring pilot platform Airline Pilot Club (APC) and Sevenair Academy are thrilled to announce their partnership. Their alliance is poised to unlock opportunities for aspiring aviators, flight training organizations, and the airline industry.

Elevating Aviation Dreams: Benefits for APC Members

For APC members, this partnership will connect them an outstanding global flight training school with unrivalled resources and training culture. With Sevenair Academy’s reputation, members can now embark on their aviation journeys with the confidence that they are training with the best. The academy’s comprehensive courses and world-class facilities provide an ideal environment for APC members to realize their dreams of becoming exceptional pilots.

Beyond the exceptional training, APC members will also benefit from enhanced networking opportunities. Sevenair Academy’s extensive industry connections will open doors to mentorship, career guidance, and potential employment with leading airlines, ensuring that APC members are well-prepared for the future of aviation.

A Brighter Future for the Airline Industry

The airline industry stands to gain immensely from this alliance. As APC members graduate from Sevenair Academy’s top-tier programs, airlines will receive a pipeline of well-trained, skilled, and highly motivated pilots. This not only addresses the industry’s growing demand for pilots but also ensures that airlines have access to a pool of talent that is ready to take on the skies.

A Shared Vision

What unites APC and Sevenair Academy is their shared vision of transforming aspiring aviators into safe and effective pilots. By working together, they aim to empower individuals with a passion for aviation to achieve their dreams while elevating the standards of pilot training across Europe.

This partnership is a testament to APC’s commitment to its members’ success and to the aviation industry’s growth. It signifies a bold step forward in the journey towards a brighter and more vibrant aviation future.

About Airline Pilot Club (APC)

Airline Pilot Club (APC) is a leading aviation industry consultancy dedicated to shaping the future of aviation. APC provides a range of services, including pilot recruitment, training, and industry insights. With a vast network of aviation professionals and a commitment to excellence, APC is a trusted partner for airlines and aspiring pilots.

About Sevenair Academy

Sevenair Academy is Europe’s premier pilot training academy with over four decades of experience. Located in Portugal, Sevenair Academy offers integrated and modular ATPL(A) courses, along with a range of other aviation training programs. With a fully dedicated aeronautical campus with unbeatable weather conditions, state-of-the-art fleet and world-class instructors, we provide an environment where aspiring pilots can thrive and are trained to develop the right set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Sevenair Academy is committed to creating the next generation of aviation leaders.

Source: Airline Pilot Club
Photo Credit: Sevenair Academy (shown as meta image)

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Flight Simulation Software Provider, ProSim Training Solutions, Announces IFTC as Launch Customer for its ViXR

Turkey based full flight simulator training center IFTC has taken the lead as the inaugural customer for ProSim Training Solutions’ XR tool, ViXR. ProSim anticipates expanding this collaboration with IFTC to create additional training tools, enhancing training quality and simultaneously increasing yield and throughput.

Source: ProSim Training Solutions
Photo Credit: ProSim Training Solutions

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