More than 4,200 Electric Landings Achieved by Electric Flight School Since Starting in 2021

22nd Aug 2022

Netherlands based, E-Flight Academy, was established in May 2021 as the world’s first electric flight school. Today, the sustainable flying school has 35 students and no fewer than 4 fully electric planes fly quietly and cleanly every day from Teuge Airport (near Apeldoorn).

E-Flight Academy flies with aircraft of the type Pipistrel Velis Electro. This state-of-the-art Slovenian-made two-seater is currently the only certified electric aircraft in the world that can be flown.

Worldwide, more and more flight schools and other organizations are exploring the use of electric aircraft. But because E-Flight already started in May 2021 and they now fly 4 fully electric aircraft daily, more than 4200 electric landings have already been made. This makes Teuge airport a global leader in the number of electric flight movements.

Electric flying in numbers:

  • Type: Pipistrel Velis Electro
  • Country of origin: Slovenia
  • Call-signs E-Flight Fleet: PH-EFL, PH ZEF, F-GHBD, F-HGBC
  • Flight time: 50 min. + 10 min. reserve
  • Max. number of persons: 2
  • Max. total weight of persons: 175kg and 185kg (with the F-GHBD, F-HGBC)
  • Max. length persons: 1.95m
  • Weight empty: 425kg
  • Max. take-off weight : 600kg
  • Wingspan: 10.71m
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Energy content per battery: 11 kWh
  • Weight per battery: 70kg
  • Power: 57.6 kW/ 77hp
  • Cruising speed: 80 knots
  • Max. sound: 60db
  • Cost trial lesson: €245
  • Cost license (PPL) €16,500

Source: E-Flight announcement

Photo: E-Flight

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