New Zealand Flight School Announced as Early Adopt Customer of Flight School Data Analytics Platform – Aeroplanned

29th Aug 2022

New Zealand headquartered Flight School Data Analytics Platform – Aeroplanned has shared that New Zealand Flight School – International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ) is one of its early adopter customers.

“Jeremy Ford and the IAANZ team have high standards and are excellent at what they do, which makes their feedback all the more rewarding. With many different resources and customer types, IAANZ had some pretty complicated spreadsheets to manage their planning processes. We have thoroughly enjoyed taking this complex information and transforming it into simple, clear insights on our cloud-based platform so the team can make highly effective decisions.” shared Aeroplanned.

In May 2022 Aeroplanned shared that UK Flight School, FTA Global, had signed up for its  Flight School Data Analytics Platform.

About Aeroplanned

“Business analytics and data-driven insights have improved the efficiency of almost every industry, but for the information to be of any use, it must be relevant data that is extracted and applied in the right combinations. Aeroplanned is the first product to accurately predict your future activities using our unique algorithms and has come from years of investigation and testing at locations around the world. ​With these insights we believe everyone involved in Flight Training can benefit. Students can enjoy continuous, steady training, with a transparent end-date, Flight Instructors will have a manageable workload and understand their own planned progression, the Finance team can construct an achievable budget for maximum results, Maintenance teams can better plan their checks with the forecast demand, the Operations team can construct the daily schedule with all the required components, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Selection – all will benefit from having these relevant insights. Of course, the impact of all this is improved financial results, again, to the benefit of all.”

Source: Aeroplanned

Photo Credit: International Aviation Academy of New Zealand

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